Tuesday Topic Recap

By | November 23, 2010

October 19th we asked you – of the following – which is your favorite Hanson cover? Obviously Hanson has covered a LOT of songs and it would have been next to impossible to have them all included in a poll so I tried to be selective and include mainly the songs they have been doing on the Shout It Out Tour. For this poll we had 31 votes cast.

The winner – with an overwhelming 52% of the vote was Zac’s Beatles Cover – “Oh Darlin'”

Second place was the acapella ‘Change In My Life’ with 23% of the vote.

Next up was the Journey cover “Don’t Stop Believing” with 19% of the vote (I hope I can see this one live soon!)

Tied for 4th was Dancing in the Streets and Long Train Running -both coming in with 1 vote each and 3% of the vote.

Receiving no votes was Hold On, I’m Coming.

Maybe in the future we can have an ultimate song vs song competition and choose the best Hanson song and best Hanson cover!