Taylor Hanson is my ‘Teenage Dream’

By | November 22, 2010

Implicit ID

Hanging out with Taylor Hanson makes me want to listen to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”; hanging out with Taylor Hanson makes me glad I bought the boots he likes; hanging out with Taylor Hanson makes me happy I am a journalist.

Last week, I interviewed Hanson at the Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma City. The two-day conference examines how creativity affects various aspects of life and business, and it involves District of Creativity Network that unites 12 regions of the world. This was the seventh annual World Creativity Forum, and the second to be held in the U.S. Other special guests at the event included Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes, Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, and astronaut John Herrington. Next year, the event will be held in Flanders, Belguim.

Hanson became involved in the event naturally, as Oklahomans, and also through their association with Tom’s Shoes. In our interview, Hanson had a lot of positive things to say about cultivating a music scene in Oklahoma, and even more to say about their mission to help Africa in the fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS with Tom’s Shoes.

Later that night, Hanson also played at the reception. (I promise I’ll shoot better video next time.) Skip forward to the :35 mark to see Taylor wail on the piano.