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Taylor Hanson is my ‘Teenage Dream’

Implicit ID Hanging out with Taylor Hanson makes me want to listen to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”; hanging out with Taylor Hanson makes me glad I bought the boots he likes; hanging out with Taylor Hanson makes me happy I am a journalist. Last week, I interviewed Hanson at the Creativity World Forum in Oklahoma City. The two-day… Read More »

Nominate Your Favorite Album of 2010

Nominate Shout It Out on NPR’s website for Favorite Albums of 2010! http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2010/11/18/131408194/nominate-your-favorite-albums-of-2010?sc=fb&cc=fp

WNEP 11-19

There is a bit of Hanson’s walk from the news station in PA, about 24 minutes in

“Old Man Hanson” being awesome

You might have already seen this video, as it has been making its way around most of the Hanson fan communities. But if you haven’t, it is from Montreal. Isaac saw a guy push two girls who were being rather obnoxious and decided that he absolutely had to say something about it and kick the guy out of… Read More »


To be featured on our blog! If you attended a show on the Shout It Out tour (any leg) we want to hear about it! Please feel free to write up a short review of any and all of the shows you went to this tour. Photos and/or videos of the night you took are a bonus, but… Read More »

Throwback Article: Tulsa Writer Lands MMMBop Biopic – 12/26/97

By Thomas Conner World Entertainment Writer Published: 12/26/1997 For the real low-down on your favorite pop trio, stick to the source. Tulsa writer Jarrod Gollihare has written the one and only official Hanson fan biography, and it’s easily the best of the bunch.  “Hanson: The Official Book” (Virgin, $10.95) hit bookstore shelves in mid-November, two months after two… Read More »

Setlist: 11/21 Burlington, VT

Waiting For This / Watch Over Me / Rock N Roll Razorblade / In The City Make It Out Alive Minute Without You Musical Ride Wheres The Love And I Waited Speechless Been There Before Carry you There These Walls This Time Around Me Myself and I Save me Penny and Me Voice In The Chorus Thinking Of… Read More »