Tuesday Topic Recap

By | November 16, 2010

On October 12th, shortly after “The Lost Recordings” were made available to Hanson.net members, we asked you – which is your favorite song from this compilation?

The winner, though it was not a real runaway, was Never Let go with 23% of the votes. Second place with 19% of the vote was Take Our Chances. Tied for 3rd was the rest of the songs – I Am, Letters in the Mailbox and Need You Now, with 4 votes each, 15% of the vote. 3 of our voters are not Hanson.net members and therefore have not heard these recordings.

I was surprised to see that it was such a tight race – I really thought that Never Let Go would have been the winner by a landslide! I guess the 26 people who voted in this one thought differently!