Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Hanson, MMMBop and beyond

The Morning Call It may seem odd for a singing group whose members all are still in the 20s to be putting out a five-DVD career retrospective. But the band we’re talking about is Hanson, the former boy band whose signature song, “MMMBop” first was released 13 1/2 years ago, when even the oldest of the sibling trio… Read More »

Hanson News Roundup

Once again, some more tidbits about Hanson that have been found on the web, compiled for you into one post! Todays Teen Online talked to the newest Glee cast member, Darren Criss and asked him what he is listening to on his iPod right now. One of his answers? Shout It Out by Hanson! HarpTab.com has posted the… Read More »

Setlist: 11/12 Charlotte, NC

1. Waiting For This/Rock’n’Roll Razorblade/Watch Over Me/In The City 2. Make It Out Alive 3. A Minute Without You 4. And I Waited 5. Speechless 6. Dying To Be Alive 7. Been There Before 8. Carry You There 9. Change In My Life 10. This Time Around 11. Voice in the Chorus 12. Hand in Hand 13. Where’s… Read More »