Hanson News Roundup

By | November 12, 2010

We’ve found a few random Hanson mentions that didn’t exactly deserve their own posts, but we thought they were worth noting.

Culture Mob writes that Spring Awakening star Morgan Karr will be making his solo concert debug Wednesday, November 17 at Barre Vermont in Los Angeles. He will front a full band to offer up original music as well as his versions of material by Sara Bareilles, Hanson, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and others.

Charts in France
did a write up about the Hanson flash mob that was done. The article is written in French but mentions that while Hanson is struggling to get the song on to the airwaves, the fans from France decided that they would support the band no matter what the costs.

An article from Staragora.com, also in french, about Justin Bieber and Michaela Wallace briefly mentions Hanson. The mention is that Michaela Wallace’s song, Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend, resembles the song MMMBop by Hanson. Check out the video below and see if you think it sounds like MMMBop…