Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Hanson News Roundup

We’ve found a few random Hanson mentions that didn’t exactly deserve their own posts, but we thought they were worth noting. Culture Mob writes that Spring Awakening star Morgan Karr will be making his solo concert debug Wednesday, November 17 at Barre Vermont in Los Angeles. He will front a full band to offer up original music as… Read More »

Hanson: We’re not Justin Bieber

Baltimore Sun Years after hit song “MmmBop,” Hanson returns to compete with a new generation of young pop stars. Before Justin Bieber, before the Jonas Brothers, before even ‘Nsync, there was Hanson. In 1997, the three teens from Tulsa, Okla., were more ubiquitous than Guess Jeans or stories about Princess Di. Thirteen years later, they’re still around. And… Read More »