By | November 8, 2010

All Voices

This past Sunday, pop-rock group Hanson brought their “Shout It Out” concert tour to Revolution music club on Broward Blvd., amidst a sea of screaming teenaged girls. They have come a long way since the 90’s, which yielded the pop-smash hit “Mmm Bop”, and show an energy and a spirit that assures us that they will be around for a little while longer.

Before taking to the stage, the Hanson brothers took time to mingle with fans and to bring awareness to their charity work by having the fans walk one mile barefoot in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area.

The walk is their way to help bring awareness to unbelievable poverty and HIV/AIDS epidemic that is plaguing Africa. For every person that walks with Hanson, the brothers will donate one dollar from their own pocket to help in the fight. And you thought it was all just rock n’ roll, huh?

Hanson kicked off the show by opening with “Shout It Out” followed by “Make It Out Alive”. Other songs included “Speechless”, “Go”, “Carry You There”, and included the cover songs”Oh! Darling” by the Beatles and Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”. Hanson closed with the fans all time favorite “Mmm Bop”, “Save Me”, and “Lost Without Each Other”.

I was apprehensive to attend this concert at first, but now I find myself a fan of these truly talented, philanthropic guys and would surely see then again the next time they come around

Native sons of Tulsa, Oklahoma, HANSON has been making music together for nearly two decades. Thirteen years ago, their out-of-the-blue, soul-inspired brand of American pop-rock‘n’roll was introduced to the world. Unaffected by charts or fads, they’ve spent more than a decade building a community of fans connected to one another and fueled by the energy and craftsmanship of three brothers and their music.

Their fifth studio album, Shout It Out, is set to be released on June 8th 2010 on their label 3CG Records. They deliver a powerful group of soulful, melodic tunes that will leave you with a contagious sense of optimism for the future and welcomed reminiscence for American rock ‘n’ roll.

Shout It Out is a collection of finely crafted, R&B-flavored pop-rock, a homage to the music that inspired HANSON when they started out. The album produced and written exclusively by the band is augmented with special guests: Funk BrothersFunk Brothers bassist Bob Babbitt, who played on some of Motown’s greatest hits, and horn arranger Jerry Hey, who worked with Michael JacksonMichael Jackson, Quincy JonesQuincy Jones, Earth, Wind and Fire and many more.

“The anatomy of our band is similar to a ‘70s rock band – white guys from the Midwest who grew up listening to ‘50s and ‘60s soul, who are mixing guitars, with vintage keys and melodic songs,” Taylor Hanson says. Adds Isaac, “We’ll always be a bit rootsy ‘cause it’s in the Oklahoma soil (the state is also home to artists like Bob Wills, Woody GuthrieWoody Guthrie and the versatile Leon Russell), but what we’ve never stopped aspiring to is the great songwriters and performers who struck a chord with us first, that early rock ‘n’ rock roll and soul music from Chuck BerryChuck Berry to Otis Redding. We’ve rediscovered that aspiration on this record. There’s a little more swing and a little more air.”

While Shout It Out looks back in time musically, it also represents forward movement for HANSON. “We love playing classic songs,” says Zac Hanson. “But we never sat down and wrote our version of what that sounds like until now.”

HANSON emotes such fresh energy on the new album that it’s easy to forget that this band has been around the block a few times. Multiple Grammy nominations (drummer Zac is the youngest nominated songwriter in history), years of headline shows everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Hollywood Bowl and world-records for the loudest concert audience in history.

For more information on Hanson, log on to their website at: www.hanson.net