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11/6: Lovin’ Lanvin

NBC Miami MMMBOP: That song was stuck in most people’s head when it was at the top of the music charts back in 1997. The three little Hanson brothers are all grown up now and have resurrected the band with a tour and fresh music. Hanson is performing tonight at Revolution Live. Tickets are $33.25.

50 Years of Boy Bands

The Oprah Show Hanson Established: These three brothers started performing together in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1992. Members: Guitarist Issac Hanson, pianist Taylor Hanson and drummer Zac Hanson. Biggest hits: “MMMBop!,””Where’s the Love,” “Weird” and”Penny and Me.” Fun fact: Out of the group trio, Zac is the only one who was not born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.… Read More »

Radio Appearance

HANSON will appear on WLNK in Charlotte, NC at 11:15am ET. Contact station for more info or to win tickets, where applicable! Listener Lunch with Hanson Bob & Sheri want to take you to lunch! Oh yeah, and they will bring Hanson! Join Bob & Sheri at 131 Main for lunch and an exclusive private performance from Hanson!… Read More »

Setlist: 11/6 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

1. Waiting For This/Rock’n’Roll Razorblade/Watch Over Me/In The City 2. Make It Out Alive 3. A Minute Without You 4. And I Waited 5. Speechless 6. Thinkin’ Bout Something 7. Strong Enough To Break 8. Go 9. Carry You There 10. You Never Know 11. Voice In The Chorus 12. This Time Around 13. Hand In Hand 14.… Read More »