Hanson fight a hoax?

By | September 29, 2010

Could the Hanson “fight” between Taylor and Isaac just be a trick they are playing on the fans? There is a conspiracy theory going on:


My friend sent me this video along with this message about the Hanson “fight”:

Somebody at Hanson.net cracked it! Listen closely at the end of the stream. They say:” We have to do something at the end of the stream tomorrow. You are too nice Ike.” Listen carefully. They are pulling a joke on the fans!!! hahaha 🙂

what??? for real? i hope you are right.

Actually, they say “The only way we can make it really work is if we have something happen in the live stream tomorrow” “Ok Ike we have to do something in the alive stream tomorrow” and “You’re not that nice to your…” (it sounds like wife?!). Still. It sounds pretty much like they are setting us up…

Sounds to me like they say.. you’re not that nice in real life, but who knows…

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