Taylor at MY HOME

By | September 21, 2010

My Home Darfur

MY HOME, a new exhibit by i-ACT, takes you through children’s journeys, a walk from a home that was destroyed—where family and friends were killed, and which now is only in their memories—to a home that is supposed to be temporary—where they stand in lines for handouts, and which gives them a new name: refugee.

t was very cool, Taylor Hanson came by the launch of MY HOME. Besides singing, he spent a long time looking at each piece, each drawing, picture, video. He really cares about this, and he and his brothers already do so much. We’ll be connecting on some of our common efforts. —Gabriel
At the launch of MY HOME: A Walk Through Children’s Memories of Darfur, we are sending a message to our leaders. 3,477 villages attacked, bombed and burnt – its people killed and raped, this is not acceptable. One village destroyed is one too many. We demand action for peace, protection, and justice for all the children of Sudan, now.

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