Albertane Tour Setlists

By | September 18, 2010

I have been searching the internet looking for the missing setlists from 1998, without much luck. If anyone happens to have them written down, has old newspaper clippings that might have the setlist or for any other reason knows what the set lists are – please contact me

The following Albertane Tour setlists are the ones missing:
Boston, MA
Detroit, MI #1
Detroit, MI #2
Cincinnati, OH
Charlotte, NC
Philadelphia, PA #1
Philadelphia, PA #2
Pittsburgh, PA
Long Island, NY #1
Cuyahoga Falls, NY
West Palm Beach, FL
Orlando, FL
Tulsa, OK
Houston, TX

I found the following list under the cut which breaks down roughly the sets for the tour.

~1st set~
Gimme Some Lovin’/Shake Your Tail Feather Medley
Thinking of You
Where’s the Love
Sometimes and/or The Sunshine of Your Love
~2nd set~ (all acoustic)
With You In Your Dreams
Madeline and/or Money
More Than Anything
~3rd set~
Magic Carpet Ride
Jam session to introduce the back-up musicians
Ever Lonely
I Will Come to You
A Minute Without You
Good Lovin’
Man From Milwaukee
Look at You
Summertime Blues
‘Weird’ acapella or ‘I Will Come to You’ acapella

*A song only performed in Tulsa:*
Livin’ on Tulsa Time

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