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By | September 16, 2010

The Adam Carolla Show


Adam opens with practical advice on how strippers can utilize one of our sponsors. He also talks about finally finishing his ‘book-on-tape’ recording, and says it’s very difficult to just sit and read aloud while people in the next room are judging. Teresa says she loves audiobooks, especially when they’re read by the author.

Jumping into the news, Teresa talks about the midterm elections, more specifically Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell who recently won the Senate nomination for Delaware. They listen to a clip from an interview with Karl Rove, and Adam laughs about people who stall while they try to think of things to say. They also play an old MTV clip where O’Donnell states that she’s against masturbation.

Talking more about sexual sensitivity, Teresa brings up Ines Sainz, who claims she was verbally harassed by the Jets. Adam complains that she needs to dress more conservatively if she doesn’t want that type of reaction. Other news stories involve a woman who got stabbed for eating pigs’ feet, and a guy who got his arm bitten off by an alligator.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zach are brought in studio; also known as Hanson. They talk about the transition from being a teen sensation to becoming a working, touring band. Adam compliments them on their original hit single ‘Mmmbop’, and they talk about touring the world because of it. They also talk about their current approach the music, and the importance of connecting with the fans. Adam spends a bit more time hearing about their experience growing up, and the guys also talk about the families they’re currently raising.

After performing the single off their new album, Adam asks them if they’ve ever met the Jonas Brothers. Throughout the show they listen to a bunch of classic rock, and Teresa transitions back into the news with Aretha Franklin’s dream cast for her upcoming biopic. They also talk about the new American Idol audition process, and get into a long discussion about the controversy surrounding circumcision. To wrap up the show, Adam and Teresa talk about the recent Ashton Kutcher rumor, and the Hanson Brothers talk about their Twitter followers.

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In today’s Stitcher Extra Content, check out another live performance from Hanson.


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