Zac's Science Song – help us get to 500 followers!

By | August 22, 2010

Friday morning at the Q92.9 radio performance, Taylor accidentally hit the drum button on the keyboard which ended up leading to Zac (with a little help from Taylor and Isaac) making up a song about science (as we were in the science center) The song is hilarious and the “chorus” mentions “Balls in the Water”, which is what we have been calling the song.

We have a video of this song and will be posting it on the site once the @HansonTickets twitter gets to 500 followers. We are just under 30 people away from 500 right now.

(Note: We will be heading out the MIxfest in Baltimore shortly, so there might be a bit of a delay between hitting 500 and posting the video. But once we hit 500 it will get posted and probably some other videos from the radio performance as well!)

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