Ourstage Voting Winners

By | July 1, 2010

The following are listed on OurStage.com as winners for Hanson’s Shout It Out Tour:

Asheville – Delta Raek
Buffalo – Chris Merritt
Chicago – The Working Hour
Cincinnati – The Working Hour
Cleveland – Caleb Lovely
Columbus – Acalasia
Grand Rapids – LoveSick Radio
Indianapolis – Crawpuppies
Kansas City – Everfield
Louisville – Matthew Martin
Memphis – ColorFire
Milwaukee – The Working Hour
Nashville – The Working Hour
Omaha – Adelaide
Philadelphia – The Right Coast
Pittsburgh – Brooke Annibale
Raleigh – Jonas Sees In Color
Richmond – Brittany Jean
Royal Oak – Canons
Sayreville – Brightside Drive
St Louis – The Working Hour

Please note: These are just the winners from the voting, and aren’t guaranteed the opening position on the tour.

5 thoughts on “Ourstage Voting Winners

  1. Josh

    This was posted erroneously by OurStage. Winners have not been picked yet, never the less announced.

    Hanson and OurStage will select and announce winners mid July.

  2. Lori Z.

    DOES ANYONE know where and when the winners are going to be announced? They said July 8, but is that true? And where?


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