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By | May 28, 2010


The second topic of conversation on the day I met my wife, within ten minutes of meeting here – was about this band. Namely their BRILLIANT second album.

Without a doubt, in all seriousness, one of my Top 5 Bands of all time. Such hooks, songwriting, and joy that comes out of every song is hard to miss.

There’s only one band I’ve ever flown around Australia to follow on tour, and it’s Hanson. Yup.

They are possibly the most underrated Band on earth.

Crikey they can play, and write a hook that will make your goosebumps to have goosebumps.

So anyway, last night my delightful wife and I were at the American Idol after party and we bumped into the always charming and dapper Isaac Hanson. He has a remarkable memory, and recalled our time hanging backstage in Perth. He was kind enough to slip me a copy of their new album, pictured here.

“Shout it Out” is simply put, what happiness sounds like.

I know they’re one of my favourite bands, but seriously – the horn arrangements are amazing, and their chordal complexity in vocal harmonies are out of this world.

Outside while waiting for our cars, Taylor and Zac were also there, and I have to say for a bunch of guys who had a most remarkable childhood they’re super balanced. Think Bieber Fever times about TEN.

Bieber maybe had 3,000 people turn up to his Sunrise show? Hanson had close to 20,000. And they were WAY younger at the time.

Don’t forget what things can happen to young people thrust into fame..

Well, that was about 15 years ago, and they’re men with families of their own now, and are still charming and ever so handsome.

Wife and I kept straight faces as we bade them goodnight, and then squealled like teenagers when they got in their car and left.

Did I mention that it’s a really good record?

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