Taylor Hanson offers encouragement to Siobhan Magnus — and a guest spot at NYC show!

By | April 30, 2010

Los Angeles Times

It’s barely been 12 hours since her elimination, but Siobhan Magnus is already getting offers from her own idols! Taylor Hanson, one-third of the band Hanson (above), whom Siobhan cites as one of her all-time favorites — she has a lyric from Hanson’s “The Great Divide” tattooed on her left wrist — says he and his brothers Zac and Isaac would gladly welcome Siobhan to their stage. Like, tomorrow.

“We have two more nights of shows in New York,” he tells Siobhan via Idol Tracker. “It may be across the country, but there is a guest spot onstage for you if you want to get on a plane.” (Tonight they perform their 2007 album, “The Walk,” at the Gramercy Theatre; on Friday, they return with songs from their new album, “Shout It Out.”)


Like many of us Siobhan supporters, Taylor says he was “really bummed for her” when he heard about the elimination Wednesday night, but wanted to offer his words of encouragement to the girl who said that she saw Hanson at the Cape Cod Melody Tent at age 14 and that it was “one of the best experiences” of her life.
“First of all, she has already reached so many people — me, for instance — who were impressed by her presence and talent,” he says. “‘American Idol’ is an incredible opportunity for anyone, but for someone with style, conviction and passion for their craft, like Siobhan has, it’s just an impressive statistic on what will be a long resume. There are no stories of great artists that consist solely of the phrase ‘And then they won.’ Great artists will reach people.”

Taylor says that even Hanson, which sold more than 10 million albums in its 15-year career, was “turned down by every record label in the business before we got signed by the one that turned us down three times.”

And proving that passion and persistence can pay off, the band is enjoying a renaissance of sorts as their latest video, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’,” an homage to “The Blues Brothers” featuring a cameo by Weird Al Yankovic, has racked up nearly a million views. Check it out below and we’ll keep you updated on any potential collaborations (hint, hint, “Idol” finale booker).

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