Hanson goes five for five

By | April 27, 2010


You can watch the live stream of five long-sold-out NYC shows

Success can always come back to bite you in the butt. Even though Robert Plant can’t stand it anymore, “Stairway to Heaven” will always be Led Zeppelin’s biggest song.

With Hanson, the single “MMMBop” and the album “Middle of Nowhere” made them an instant international success. But its poppy tilt, combined with the Hanson brothers’ youth (and the fact that they’re three brothers in a band) had many people writing them off as a one-hit gimmick.

The brothers learned to deal with it years ago.

“Success is a double-edged sword,” Zac Hanson said. “You get in the position where people go ‘This is what they are.’ … having that record be successful gave us the ability to put out the records we’re putting out now.”

In the meantime, Isaac, Taylor and Zac have gone on to make a string of studio albums (including the upcoming “Shout It Out,”) have done charitable work fighting AIDS and HIV in Africa, and they’ve got a new single, “Thinking ‘bout Something” with a new video that goofs on their own image and that of other musicians.

Starting tonight, Hanson’s doing five sold-out shows in a row at the Gramercy Theater in New York City, doing five of their albums in their entirety. Tonight is “Middle of Nowhere.” Tuesday is “This Time Around,” followed by “Underneath,” “The Walk” and the premiere of the new album, “Shout It Out,” on Friday night.

Why do you care? Because they’re streaming these shows live as they’re being performed. The video below will take you to all the shows.

Whether it’s your taste or not, you’ve got to give them points for confidence and giving the fans what they want. And if you tune in you just might be surprised about those preconceptions of yours.

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