Today Show Walk, Dance Music party, off for Monday

By | April 26, 2010

Today Show Walk, Dance Music party, off for Monday due to rain! Good news: we’re here all week!

Unfortunately, we have decided we have to put the dance,walk,listening party at the today show on hold for the morning because of a not so pleasing forecast for rain and cold in the morning, but that’s not the end of the story.

This afternoon the whole team Hanson arrived in New York City; the band, the touring crew, the team of live streaming video peoples…and the production posse to put on the week long run of shows. Unfortunately, it was raining and that is the forecast for tomorrow (Monday) morning when we have been planning to invite you all to a big walk,dance, and listening party in the streets of New York City.

With a long (and exciting) week set with Five of Five, we decided it would be pretty dim of us to risk our health and yours when we are going into a brilliant week of shows that we have never done before, and are hoping to share with fans around the world.

If any of you have made plans you don’t want to change, to come down to the show, we would be happy to say hi after the show, and of course we love how much excitement and enthusiasm there has been for all the things going on in the last few weeks.

For those of you who choose to sit this morning show visit out, hang tight, we are hoping for some sunshine this week, so keep your eyes and ears pealed for another shot at our Walk,Dance,Music Party.

On another note. Tomorrow there will be some exciting announcements about the coming US Tour and live streaming so stay tuned
to Hnet!

Shout It Out! – ITZ

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