Article: Hanson, 'Thinking 'Bout Somethin'' — Song Premiere

By | April 5, 2010


When Hanson were on the road with their last album, 2007’s ‘The Walk,’ their hands were full playing shows while also raising money and awareness to help fight HIV/AIDS and poverty in Africa. Carrying such a weighty message from city to city, they found a breath of fresh air at soundchecks and in hotel rooms, where they began writing new music that was inspired by something a little lighter — the classic ’50s and ’60s rock ‘n’ roll and soul that the brothers grew up on. With the R&B-tinged pop-rock of their upcoming LP, ‘Shout It Out,’ and its infectious first single, ‘Thinking ‘Bout Somethin,” it’s clear that the trio is aiming to take its early influences to heart while having a bit of fun.

“The ‘Shout It Out’ album is an invitation to turn up the music and hopefully ignite a feeling of musical nostalgia and optimism,” Taylor Hanson tells PopEater of the record, which drew in guest spots from Funk Brothers bassist Bob Babbitt and horn arranger Jerry Hey, who’s worked with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and more. “The song Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ and the music video — full of street dancing and loud cowbell and our friend, the brilliant Weird Al Yankovic — are the first lines of that invitation.”

Taylor takes lead vocals on the funky kiss-off tune, and the soulful inflection of his voice is accompanied by melodic brass, Wurlitzer and a big, catchy chorus made up of Hanson’s signature three-part harmony.

The single can be downloaded via iTunes on April 27. Its as-yet-unreleased video, directed by Todd Edwards (‘Hoodwinked’), recreates a scene from ‘The Blues Brothers’ in which music spurs a crowd to dance in the streets. The band’s interpretation of the scene brings them to the streets of their hometown of Tulsa, Okla., and includes more than 300 extras: Yankovic, two of Taylor’s children, 60 local dancers and hundreds of fans who were invited to the set.

‘Shout It Out,’ featuring ‘Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ and the track ‘Give a Little’ as single No. 2, will be available on June 8. At the end of April, Hanson are set to perform a sold out, five-night run of live shows in New York, N.Y., where they’ll play each of their albums in chronological order. Following those concerts are a handful of Bamboozle appearances and a US tour in support of the upcoming release, which kicks off on July 21. The dates for the tour will be revealed soon.

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