Article: Your Random Weekend Memo

By | March 19, 2010

USA Today

Next week, the Top 11 Idols tackle the music of Teen Idols. I had hoped that iTunes would have a Teen Idol-themed playlist by now — much as they did for Rolling Stones night — but no such luck. So I’ve got no idea how narrowly or broadly the show’s producers are defining the theme. My idols when I was a teenager included David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen. If I were on the show, could I get away with singing Golden Years or Candy’s Room?

Is this an excuse to get Justin Bieber’s and Taylor Swift’s songs into the show? Do the Beatles qualify? Will somebody dare go all the way back to Frankie Avalon? Anybody taking bets on Siobhan Magnus doing a Hanson song? (Me, I’d love to hear hear what she could do with MmmBop. After all, I have this job because of that song — indirectly, at least. Remind me to tell you that story sometime). And could the producers have picked a week more perfectly designed to keep Tim Urban on the show? As my editor says, “Sheesh, he can sing I Think I Love You and call it a day.” If I were him, though, I’d go for a Justin Bieber song and corner that texting block, since Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens already blew their chances at courting it.

HansonTickets note: The new rumor is that it is 50/50s teen Idols which would therefore eliminate the possibility of Hanson, Bieber, Taylor Swift,etc.

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