By | February 26, 2010

In a recent interview, Siobhan Magnus, the 19-year-old Cape Cod native who is making waves on American Idol this season, has announced that her influences are varied and pretty intense and include the venerable train wreck Courtney Love, ex-HOLE frontwoman and Mrs. Kurt Cobain, RIP.

Her musical influenecs include “Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday. A lot of older, standout singers have been the biggest influence on my voice and the way I approach singing. … I adore Courtney Love. And not even just her voice but her in-your-face, ‘I don’t care what you think about me because I’m me’ presence.”

Her first musical interest was sparked by a rather pop-ular group–“I was in the first grade, the first tape that was mine was the MMMBop single by Hanson. I still adore them wholeheartedly. I am the biggest Hanson fan. I’ve seen them four times. I cried every time.”

She said she is willing to give country a shot and would really enjoy a jazz theme or big band night. “I thought about doing My Way by Frank Sinatra because it’s my grandfather’s favorite song. I just feel it’s a song Simon would say, ‘That was indulgent,’ because it’s a song you’re supposed to sing when you’re an accomplished performer.”

She isn’t scared of the judges and seems to be very mature and in control, even during Hollywood week to the chargrin of the judges. “In the first round of Hollywood Week, they said I’m too serious and act too old for my age. As much as it is important for me to remain composed and be mature, I can’t forget I should be having fun.”

How good are her chances? Who’s her stiffest competition? What do you think Courtney Love would think about Siobhan’s American Idol run? Do you think Courtney would make a great guest judge??

While you’re thinking about that, enjoy this clip of her singing in a local theater production of BARNUM on the Cape.

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