Article: Justin Bieber Joins The Ranks Of Youngest 'SNL' Performers

By | February 22, 2010

MTV Newsroom

“Saturday Night Live” has always been a haven for young comics and hot musicians, and there have been the rare occasions where the show takes its focus on youth very literally. On April 10, 15-year-old Candian singing phenomenon Justin Bieber will take the stage at 30 Rock and serve as the musical guest on “SNL.” (By the time he sings on the show, he will have turned 16 — his birthday is March 1). Bieber immediately makes history as one of the youngest performers to ever grace the “Saturday Night Live” stage, joining the elite group below.

Before we had the Jonas Brothers, we had Hanson, a trio of siblings from Oklahoma. They played “Saturday Night Live” on December 13, 1997, when the oldest member of the band (guitarist Isaac) was only 17. Frontman Taylor Hanson was 14, and drummer Zac Hanson was an astonishing 12 years old when he pounded out “MMMBop” and “Merry Christmas Baby” live at 30 Rock.

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