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By | February 15, 2010

New in the Store

HANSKEYS: Pre-order the Hanskey Vinyl Dolls.
These 2.5” vinyl dolls are a perfect gift for a HANSON fan. Designed by Zac Hanson, these cartoon representations of Hanson throws back to the style of the band in the year 1997.

Walk Man Charm: This sterling silver charm is embossed with the Walk Man symbol.
This logo has became an icon for HASNON as part of the The Walk album, and continues to hold a special meaning for the many thousands of people who continue to take part in The Walk Around The World campaign.

Underneath Arrow Charm: This sterling silver charm is embossed with the Underneath logo.
With the release of Underneath, HANSON’s fourth studio album, the band created a simple pop art design to represent the sound of the new music, as well as the passion it took to survive the creation of their last major label album. This logo remains an important statement for the band and their label, 3CG Records.

From the Band: Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!
We hope everyone who purchased the special Valentine items enjoyed them. If you purchased them as a gift, we hope you got a little extra attention from that special someone. The last few days have been spent preparing for the first and second music videos that will be released for the new album. We really want to capture the energy of the music, and make videos that will jump off the screen (Crossing our fingers). We want to get everyone involved in both of these videos, so don’t be surprised if we ask you to take a trip to Tulsa some time early next month. We will let you know more details when there is something more to know. All the best!

-Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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