By | December 15, 2009


Good news for those of you who didn’t get their fill of Hanson in 1997: the band is planning to release a fifth album this spring and play at The Bamboozle Festival. This is fantastic considering the fact that these kids are most remembered for making annoying music (how long was that one track, which will remain unnamed, stuck in your head?) and being very pretty in an androgynous enough way that neither girls nor confused boys could resist.

The plan is actually pretty well thought out, with the May 1 festival capping off a week of shows where the boys will play all of their full-length studio albums, culminating in the world premier of their newest work. The retrospective of their career, which will be held at the Gramercy Theater from April 26-30, will allow any fan to hear the progression from the early album “Middle Of Nowhere,” which has—oh, fuck it—”MMMBop” on it, all the way to whatever else they have done since then.

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