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Article :Hanson grows up

University News It started with three long-haired boys. They sang and played instruments and loved every minute of it. The boys are now men, and they have come a long way since “MMMBop.” “For one thing, the time period causes the craft that you do to sort of refine itself,” Taylor Hanson, member of Hanson, said. “You kind… Read More »

Setlist: Bakersfield, CA 9-28-09

1.Can’t Stop 2 Wheres the love 3 Been There before 4 Penny and Me 5 Worlds on Fire 6 Something Going Round 7 Strong Enough to Break 8 Carry You There 9 I Will Come to You 10 Georgia (acoustic) 11 Blue Sky 12 If Only 13 Waiting For This 14 Crazy Beautiful 15 Great Divide 16 Hard… Read More »

Article: Hanson at The Pageant

Scott Heisel Hanson at The Pageant Although it’s still trying to escape 1997’s “MMMBop,” the brotherly trio Hanson somehow managed to snag the “indie rock” moniker after the release of 2007’s The Walk — mainly because it was released on the band’s own label (hence “indie”) and, surprisingly, actually rocks. With a new album on the horizon (all… Read More »