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By | August 7, 2009

More Details about The Musical Ride Bus
“With the new 2009 Musical Ride Bus we wanted to step things up a notch, so we’re going to be giving all the riders a selection of live music from shows that take place during the week. It’s the best way we can think of to remember an awesome week of live music.” – Zac

* All Musical Ride Bus participants will receive a selection of live recordings from the four shows they see.

More Details on the Musical Ride Merchandise – each rider will receive:
* Hoodie
* Water Bottle
* Backpack
* Journal and HANSON Pen
* Poster (this will be a picture of HANSON with the bus riders)
* Lanyard

Members Only Event This Fall

We will be hosting a members’ only acoustic concert this fall as a part of the Use Your Sole Tour. The event will be held on Oct 9th in Indianapolis, IN. More details will be released in the weeks ahead.

Special Edition Album coming soon!
We’re planning on creating some very cool special edition album packages for the next HANSON studio albums. Items such as LPs, custom headphones, a “making of” documentary and more, will all be included in these great limited edition packages. Look out for more details later in the year.

2008 Members Event Video
Footage from the 2008 Members Only event in Orlando has just been posted on Check out some clips on the Musical Ride Bus page and in the Blog Section.

From The Band
We have been mixing the Stand Up Stand Up EP this week, and we should be done with it after the weekend. We are hoping to get copies out sometime in September to those who have pre-ordered, so you will have a chance to learn the songs before we play them on tour. Other than that, we are doing everything we can to prepare for being on the road this fall and releasing the next album in 2010.

– Isaac Taylor and Zac

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