Article: Pop Graduates: Acts That Made the Leap From the Teen Scene to Grown-Up Rock

By | July 1, 2009

RollingStone features Hanson in their Pop Graduates article


Early Schooling: Always unfairly lumped into the kiddie pop, the three Hanson brothers always wrote their own songs and played their own instruments, setting them apart from the bulk of their Tiger Beat peers. Is it their fault they were so unbelievably adorable?
Turning Point: Puberty (surprise, surprise). 2001’s This Time Around slunk quietly into oblivion, but the trio’s talent and perseverence secured them a steady cadre of fans that stuck around long past the groups’ cute-pop heyday.
Post-Graduate Work: The Hanson brothers have quietly grown into elder statesmen of independent music. They established their own label (3CG), and continue to release mature, winning records that synthesize ’60s pop and R&B into irresistible confections.


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