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By | May 30, 2009


There are several new items in the store that are now available to the public.


The mini ‘Where’s the Love’ and Black Vintage shirts are part of the premier set of official mini HANSON merchandise and were created so your mini HANSON fan can join in on the fun.
The ‘Where’s the Love’ shirt is also available in adult sizes! This shirt is an addition to the HANSON style collection of throwback designs that were premiered at the HANSON day events May 15th & 16th.

Membership Kits

Membership Kits are currently being shipped in batches. Keep a look out for yours as it should be arriving soon.
Walk around the world

On May 16th we finished the second major goal of the Take The Walk campaign, by finishing our first Walk Around The World! We are inspired about what is still to come and excited to let everyone who has walked know the impact they have made by just walking a mile. We are already over 3,000 miles into our second lap around the world, so don’t stop walking! Checkout the site and see how far we have come. I TOOK THE WALK!
From the Band

Well, we are nearing the completion of the new album with just over a week left of tracking. We are super excited about it and about getting ready for it to be released. We’re not quite there yet, but for now we are just focusing on this next week.


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