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By | February 17, 2009

Q: What happened to the Hanson brothers? Where are they are now?

FRANCES TATE, Stone Mountain

A: Hanson, the pop rock band from Tulsa, Okla., includes brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac. They continue to make music, appearing last October at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse as part of their “Walk Around the World Tour.”

Before their performances, the brothers walked a mile barefoot to illustrate the plight of African children without shoes. For each person who joined them, they donated $1 to fight AIDS and poverty in Africa.

Hanson shot to fame with their 1997 hit, “MMMBop.” In 2000, with their album “This Time Around,” they left behind the boy band image and adopted a more mature sound.

Isaac is 28 and has two children; Taylor is 25 and has four children; and Zac is 23 and has one child. Check out their Web site at


Also – apparently some guy with the last name Hansen is nicknamed “MMMBop” because a mention of him in an article triggered a google alert:

1) MORE ACCOUNTABILITY – Does anyone, most notably Analysts in Fooldom actually really care what their CAPS ranking is? For example, consider the appointment of Tim TMF MmmBop Hansen as a lead advisor on Global Gains. He sports an anemic rank of 5850 out of the CAPS community. That’s over 2,000 people behind me, and I’m a COMEDY writer. Only one of two things can be true. Tim’s performance in CAPS doesn’t really mean anything, or it does and his appointment to such a critical role defies logic. Obviously, I could have picked a host of other low-rated CAPS pros, but I took a great deal of lecturing from MMMbop about Whole Foods prior to their demise and it always stuck in my craw, considering how laughable that “America’s Next Great Super Brand” stuff seems at the moment. Also, beyond Fooldom, TV personalities and incompetent fund managers should be quaking in their loafers. Why not run full page profiles on the home page about how much Cramer actually, in real life, stinks. Does this thing matter or not?


I told you this google alert thing was genius and hilarious.

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