Article: Walking with Hanson

By | November 5, 2008

Yesterday was the perfect day for a walk. So I took one — with Hanson!!! OMG!! They were so hot!! Especially Taylor!!!! Took so many pictures of him — I, like, heart him sooooo bad!! (Taylor, if you’re reading this and you ever get divorced, just give me a call, k? We can go to Jamba Juice and get Orange Dream Machines, Strawberry Surf Riders, whatever. Luv ya, T!!!)

Ahem … Hanson was in town to play the House of Blues, and also to Take the Walk — a world walking tour initiated by the brothers to fight AIDS and poverty. Walkers who join the trio receive a card listing five causes — to drill wells, donate shoes, build schools, fight AIDS, or buy health care credits. One dollar is donated for each walker, who indicates on a card to which cause he or she wishes to donate.

Several hundred walkers, many of them young women (who, it should be said, did not squeal one bit!), excitedly followed Isaac, Taylor and Zac down Dearborn, holding signs and taking digital photos. Here’s some snappies for you. Luv ya!

Source (More photos at the source)

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