St. Louis 9/23/08

By | September 24, 2008

1. Something Going Round
2. I Want to Take You Higher
3. Been There Before
4. Follow Your Lead
5. Minute Without You
6. Running Man
7. Great Divide
8. Strong Enough to Break (Acoustic)
9. Go (Acoustic)
10. Georgia (Acoustic)
11. Change in My Life (Acapella)
12. When Did It Start
13. Black Hearted Woman (Allman Brothers Cover)
14. Blue Sky
15. Hope It Comes Soon
16. Wheres the Love
17. Oh Darlin’
18. MMMBop
19. Can’t Stop
20. Deeper
21. This Time Around

22. Song to Sing

And a couple of tidbits from my friend Erin who was at the show and texting me:
-Taylor had on neon pink underwear
-Zac said that Go was a true story
(Thanks for the concert calls!)

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