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By | September 12, 2008

Here is an excerpt from a Calgary Sun article. Both Hanson and Elton John are playing Calgary tonight, so the Sun is weighing the pros and cons of each show.


Still haven’t made up your mind yet about what to do on this fine Friday night?

You might be interested in tracking down tickets to one of two big names playing in town tonight.

Page Six would like to simplify your decision between the two major musical acts by weighing the pros and cons in what is a world first as far as we know…

– Elton John is at the Dome for a pretty penny, between $79 and $149, Hanson is at MacEwan Hall for $34.50. Both still have seats available. Point Hanson for affordability.

– Sir Elton Hercules John, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, doesn’t go by his real name. Neither do the oldest two Hanson boys Clarke Isaac and Jordan Taylor Hanson. Seems the only real dude here is littlest MmmBopper Zachary Walker. Point Hanson for authenticity.

– While Elton was lucky enough to secure a dot-com behind his name, the Hanson boys were not so fortunate. They had to settle with .net instead. Point

– Elton’s voice has changed over the years as a result of his bout with throat cancer. The Hansons’ voices also changed as a result of them not being 11 any more. While Elton’s name has remained the same for decades, The Hanson Brothers shortened their name to simply Hanson to reflect their mature new sound. Point Elton.

– While Elton has had more than 50 Top 40 hits, Hanson really hit it out of the park with one single solitary chart-topper. It was a catchy little tune with lots of layers, plenty of deep thoughts and a clever name called MMMBop. Point Hanson.

– Hanson is back on tour following their temporary 2007 touring hiatus due to eldest brother Isaac’s repetitive motion MMMBopping injury and subsequent pulmonary embolism. Elton is fresh on tour following his 60th birthday in 2007, celebrated by the release of his entire back catalogue — almost 500 songs from 32 albums — becoming available for legal download. Point Elton.

– While Elton Week was informally celebrated back in 1970s England, it doesn’t hold a candle in the wind to Hanson Day — officially declared by the governor of Oklahoma to be May 6, 1997. Point Hanson.

– Elton has been heavily involved in the fight against AIDS since the late 1980s, and was knighted in 1998. Hanson successfully launched MOE, a fan club magazine that ran for 12 issues. Point Elton.

– Elton sings about Daniel, his hypothetical brother, while the Hanson boys really are brothers. Point Hanson.

– At the height of his flamboyancy, Elton released the album Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. Hanson attempted to be slightly more subtle with their private lives and preferences, opting instead to quietly grow their hair out and disguise themselves as females with high voices who loved to harmonize. Point Elton.

– John’s career took a hit after 1976, and in November 1977 he announced he was retiring from performing. Hanson became an overnight sensation with the worldwide success of MMMBop, only to be begged to retire weeks later after legions of fans discovered that not only were there no actual words in MMMBop, but that they might actually have been The Hanson Sisters the entire time. Point Elton.

– John has inspired many musicians over the years, particularly Rufus Wainwright, Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Billie-Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), and Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses). Hanson has also inspired many, notably their four other siblings and dozens of Oklahomans from Tulsa. Point Elton.

Looks like it ends up Elton – 7, Hanson – 5, but it seems like this writer was unaware that Hanson is also involved in the fight against AIDs. And does it really count that they called themselves “The Hanson Brothers” waaaaaaaaaay back when? Long before they were signed and had their hit with MMMBop? I guess so! 😉

Source has the full article.

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