Vancouver 9/10/08

By | September 11, 2008

1. Change in My Life
2. Been There Before
3. Strong Enough to Break
4. Follow Your Lead
5. Where’s the Love
6. Crazy Beautiful
7. Something Going ‘Round
8. Where Did it Start [Zac Solo]
9. Love Me (Cover) [Taylor Solo]
10. Underneath
11. Penny and Me
12. Deeper
13. Great Divide

14. Hope it Comes Soo
15. MMMBop
16. A Minute Without You
17. Use Me (Bill Withers Cover)
18. This Time Around
— Encore —
19. Oh! Darling
20. Lost Without Each Other

Tonight is another off night for the band. Tomorrow they will head to Calgary and play at the MacEwan Hall Ballroom. Capacity is 660.

2 thoughts on “Vancouver 9/10/08

  1. Lisa Marie

    They’re playing Calgary on the 12th at MacEwan Hall, not Edmonton. Edmonton is the next day the 13th at Edmonton Events Centre. Thanks! 🙂 (Edmontonians don’t like to be confused with Calgary!!)


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