Article: Reverb – Tonight: Hanson at The Moore EEEK!

By | September 9, 2008

Here’s some trivia for you: What band did the Village Voice deem “secretly the finest straight-up rock band in America?”


Okay, okay. I think it’s weird, too. When I think of the pretty brothers who sang “MMMBop,” I don’t think ROCK! But countless of their diehard fans and our sister paper would differ.

I spoke with the very polite and um, HOT, Taylor Hanson on the phone last week. (EEEK! I wish I could say that casually, but I totally just giggled like a school girl. Taylor, I love you!)

So anyway, my good friend Taylor and his brothers are all in their mid-twenties now and have children of their own. They took a trip to South Africa a couple years ago and have since embarked on a mission to raise money to help fight poverty and AIDS there. Kind of like Bono. And he’s rock, right?! Therefore, Hanson might be too. I’m not sure what to expect as I’ve never seen Hanson live, but my prediction is that they’re something like Edwin McCain: a ‘90s phenomenon that continues to make less popular but respectable music that for some reason or another, has a bizzare cult-like following.

The Hanson boys—er, men—are performing an acoustic show at The Moore this evening. EEEEK again!!! EEK! Sorry, but my estrogen levels are still raging from seeing the Backstreet Boys on Saturday. My inner 12-year-old is going NUTS! Taylor, come to me!

Tomorrow I shall let you all know if Hanson live up to their title as a straight-up rock band. Sit tight, kiddies.


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