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El Diario [translated]

(Foto: Especial)

The nerves, and especially the excitement of seeing them for the first time in Guadalajara, were lived to the max with almost 20 fans who welcomed Hanson on tapestío soil.

The brothers’ trio arrived from a commercial flight from Monterrey, where one night before they presented their Middle of everywhere world tour, which today will stop at the C3 Stage at 8pm.

Since they were seen in the arrivals hall, Isaac, Taylor and Zac were very smiling with their fans, in fact one of the staff members captured the excitement and uproar of the fans, who even traveled from the City of Mexico and Gema, who came from Gibraltar, a site in Spain, to see their idols.

The first to come out was Taylor, one of the most popular, who took selfies with the girls and signed autographs on his first album, Middle of Nowhere, which is celebrating 20 years since its release.

Behind him came Zac, the youngest of the brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a cart in which much of the luggage was transported by him, but later a person who came with the group helped him to tend his fans.

And in the end, Isaac left happy, as one of his admirers presented him with a Mexican detail, which had a charro hat and a tequila cup, which was also received by his two brothers.

The trio was accessible and signed photographs, magazines of yesteryear and records before getting into the van that took them to the hotel to rest.

In today’s itinerary it is planned to test the sound in the C3 Stage, they will fulfill some commitments with winners of different competitions and offer their first show in Guadalajara, from 20 hours in the C3 Stage, where they can buy tickets. The price is 500 pesos.


The Hanson brothers make a tour to celebrate 25 years of career and arrive for the first time to Guadalajara


Mmmbop was his cover letter and became an entire hymn

VIDEO: Hanson celebrates 25 years

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POSTA [translated]

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEÓN – The most successful pop rock trio of the 1990s returned to Monterrey to celebrate its 25th anniversary with its musical tour “Middle of Everywhere 25th Anniversary World Tour”.

At 7:16 pm, the lights of the Rio 70 were turned off to start the Hanson’s royal festival . The night began to the rhythm of “Already Home” generating a great ovation among the thousand attendees.

Thank you very much Monterrey … Thank you for being here tonight

The brothers did not fail to surprise their followers with their great talent and simplicity. The Hanson proved to have the same talent as 25 years ago singing songs like “On and On”, “MmmBop”, “If Only”.

A concert full of feelings was what was lived in the Rio 70. The extreme feeling and happiness of his followers could be seen through their expressions that sometimes came to tears.

You are crazy

“I Was Born” , is the new song that the group is promoting.

This song talks about the feeling you have when you do something … you were born to do something different to everyone else … you have to decide to go for it


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Hanson on Rage

We’re keeping it all in the family this weekend as the brothers Hanson take a seat on the red couch.

For anyone alive in the late 90s, it’s impossible not to know who Hanson are. Child prodigies, they had their first world wide hit when youngest brother Zack was just 12 years old!

They’ve bee steadily releasing music ever since and now is your chance to get in an see what inspires the Hanson brothers.

These are just a few of the tracks they’ve picked for you this Saturday:

Aerosmith – Falling In Love Is Hard On Your Knees
Taylor Swift – We Are Never Getting Back Together
Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly
Ace Of Base – The Sign
Albert Hammond – Losing Touch
Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten
Beach House – Reflector

Watch Hanson on Rage, Saturday 12th of August from 10:30am and again at 11:47pm on ABC.


HANSON Where’s The Love (Mercury)
AEROSMITH Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) (Sony)
AC/DC It’s A Long Way To The Top (EMI)
AMY WINEHOUSE Stronger Than Me (Universal)


AMY WINEHOUSE Rehab (Universal)
BJORK Crystalline (Universal)
BLONDIE Detroit 442 (EMI)
AMERICA The Border (Capitol)
EAGLES The Long Run (Asylum)
ALBERT HAMMOND JR. Losing Touch (Infectious)
ALICE COOPER Lost In America (Sony)
BLACK SABBATH The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (EMI)


TAYLOR SWIFT We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Universal)
BEYONCE Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Sony)
AMY GRANT Baby Baby (No Getting Over You) (Polygram)
DEPECHE MODE I Feel Loved (Virgin)


ALOE BLACC I Need A Dollar (Independent)
ALOE BLACC Wake Me Up (Universal)
DEVENDRA BANHART Fur Hildegard Von Bingen (XL Recordings)
ALABAMA 3 Woke Up This Morning (Sony)
DELTA SPIRIT People C’mon (Universal)
BEADY EYE Millionaire (Liberation)
ALABAMA SHAKES Sound and Color (Rough Trade / Remote Control)
AEROSMITH Crazy (Geffen)


ANDREW W K She Is Beautiful (Universal)
ANDREW W K We Want Fun (Universal)
BEACH HOUSE Used To Be (Mistletone)
ADELE When We Were Young (Live At The Church) (XL / Remote Control)
ALICIA KEYS Girl On Fire (Sony)
ALAN WALKER Faded (Sony)


ALIEN ANT FARM Smooth Criminal (Universal)
AMERICAN HI-FI The Art Of Losing (Universal)
28 DAYS Like I Do (Fest/Mush)
A PERFECT CIRCLE Judith (Virgin)
ADAM GREEN Jessica (Spunk/Inertia)
AIMEE MANN Freeway (Stomp)


FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE Someone To Love (Virgin)
FOO FIGHTERS Monkey Wrench (EMI)
AC/DC High Voltage (EMI)
HANSON Thinking Of You (Mercury)
HANSON MMM Bop (Mercury)
HANSON I Will Come To You (Mercury)


HANSON Weird (Mercury)
HANSON If Only (Universal)
HANSON This Time Around (Universal)
HANSON Penny and Me (Independent)
HANSON Lost Without Each Other (Independent)
HANSON Strong Enough To Break (Big/Rajon)
HANSON Underneath (Big/Rajon)
HANSON Give A Little (Independent)


HANSON Get The Girl Back (Sony)
HANSON I Was Born (3CG Records)
PAUL KELLY Firewood And Candles (EMI)
DAN SULTAN Drover (Live) (Warner)
ALEX LAHEY Every Day’s The Weekend (Independent)
MANU CROOKS Ridin’ (Independent)
MACKLEMORE ft. LIL YACHTY Marmalade (Warner)
BIG BOI ft. TROZE Chocolate (Sony)


GLASS ANIMALS Agnes (Caroline)
LORDE Perfect Places (Nuclear Blast)
CHARLI XCX Boys (Warner)
THE DARKNESS All The Pretty Girls (Cooking Vinyl)
RAGE Seasons Of The Black (Nuclear Blast)


JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNED Dragged Through The Dirt (Greyscale Records)
JAY POWER Dream Of You And Me (Independent)
LIME CORDIALE Temper Temper (Chugg)
JEP AND DEP Helpless City (Independent)
BELIEFS 1994 (Hand Drawn Dracula)
THE KILLERS The Man (Universal)
CUB SPORT O Lord (Independent)


TOUCH SENSITIVE Lay Down (Future Classic)
ALT-J Deadcrush (Liberator)
ECCA VANDAL Broke Days Party Nights (Universal)
CHAPEL Do The Marino (Dew Process)
JOSH PYKE Memories and Dust (Ivy League)
JACK CARTY A Way With Me (Warner)
JULIA JACKLIN Don’t Let The Kids Win (Liberation)


ALEX LAHEY Wes Anderson (Warner)
JEBEDIAH She’s Like A Comet (Universal)
GORDI Heaven I Know (Liberation)
HOLLY THROSBY Aeroplane (Spunk)
MONTAIGNE What You Mean To Me (Sony)
GOVS ft. SAN MEI There Comes A Time (Independent)
THE JOSH PYKEPREATURES Into The WindYanada (Ivy LeagueUniversal)


FATHER JOHN MISTY Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution (Inertia)
ARCADE FIRE Electric Blue (Sony)
KLLO Virtue (Good Manners/Caroline)
TOTAL GIOVANNI Your Light (Remote Control)
OKENYO Woman’s World (Elefant Traks)
LIL YACHTY ft. DIPLO Forever Young (EMI)
DZ DEATHRAYS Shred For Summer (I OH YOU)


THESE NEW SOUTH WHALES Space In Hell (Cooking Vinyl)
THE CREASES Is It Love (Cooking Vinyl)
AMY SHARK Drive You Mad (Sony)
ALI BARTER One Foot In (Inertia)
SCHOOL DAMAGE Gasbagging (Chapter Music)
GRIZZLY BEAR Neighbors (Sony)
ALEX CAMERON ft. ANGEL OLSEN Stranger’s Kiss (censored version) (Secretly Canadian)


HNET Newsletter- Aug 10, 2017

By | August 10, 2017


Here is a pic with us during a Members Only meet and greet on our last Latin American tour. Can’t wait for all the events (and shows) across Latin America, that are right around the corner.


The Middle Of Everywhere World Tour is starting back up this weekend: first stop Monterrey Mexico!  The next few weeks will be full of concerts in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. We have been planning and anticipating this tour for months and we can’t wait to get it underway.  Last week, we announced that we would host three Members Only Events during the Latin American leg of the tour, one in Brazil, one in Argentina and one in Mexico. Members events are a way for us to bring the community together.  We play music from the catalog and take questions, so we hope to see a lot of you there.

It is August and that means we are just around the corner from the release of Middle Of Everywhere The Greatest Hits.  Since the start of the year, we have talked a lot about it being important to frame the past before we move on to the next chapter for HANSON and in a few weeks when it is officially out I think we will be able to turn our attention to writing for what comes next.  If you haven’t seen them yet, we are making a special edition cassette tape (it is orange) for the MOE Greatest Hits, it is such a flash back to a different time.

There is so much more coming for the Christmas album so keep an eye out for that and for BTTI theme voting next week.

-Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Fan Club Exclusive:

HANSON will be hosting Members Only Events in the following cities in Latin America:

  • Mexico City, Mexico on August 16th
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 22nd
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on August 24th

If you plan to attend, here’s what you need to do.

  1. You must be a Fan Club Member in order to attend the pre-show event. If you are not yet a Fan Club Member, JOIN NOW! All those attending must have a membership.
  2. You need to RSVP for the event. Login to your Fan Club account and go to the Calendar page and find the event(s) you plan to attend. Click RSVP. The button will change to say attending. RSVPs for each show will close at 12 noon (local time) 48 hrs in advance of each show.
  3. Proof of membership – go to the My Account page. In the upper right of the page, you’ll see a new link to Print Member ID. Print your member ID and bring it with you to the event.
  4. You will need to bring a photo ID – driver’s license, passport, etc. to match to your Member ID.
  5. You must have a ticket for the concert in order to attend the MOE. If you haven’t purchased yours yet, do it today.

Be sure to arrive at the venue early so everyone can be checked in for the event well before it starts. After that, enjoy the MOE.

Still have questions, please email with your specific questions about Members Only Events.


Fan Club Exclusive: If you attended HANSON Day 2017, participated in certain events or checked in to tour shows, you now have new pins!


Reminder: Don’t forget to renew your membership for 2017.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.

Boys Band: Top 5 songs you can not forget

By | August 10, 2017

Live Arena

[Translated using Google Translate]

While the Pretty Much are preparing to invade the world, we asked ourselves an existential question: what are the best songs of Boys Band, those that have remained? Intrinsically, it was known that the French representatives were out of competition and that the level was going to be high. Ready?

#01 : MMMBop – Hanson

Les trois frères, Taylor, Zac et Isaac ont conquis le monde avec ce titre et franchement, on prend toujours autant de plaisir à l’écouter. Après leurs cartons à la fin des années 90, les Hanson n’ont pas disparu de la planète. Ils ont continué leur carrière musicale avec seulement beaucoup moins de retentissements et de succès.

The three brothers, Taylor, Zac and Isaac conquered the world with this title and frankly, we always take as much pleasure to listen to it. After their cartoons in the late 90s, the Hansons have not disappeared from the planet. They continued their musical career with only far fewer repercussions and successes.

Isaac Hanson: “Lo que vivimos hace 15 años no se lo deseo ni a mi peor enemigo”

By | August 10, 2017

LATERCERA [translated using google translate]

Isaac Hanson: “What we lived 15 years ago I do not want it or my worst enemy”

The trio survived the weight of a hit and the fall of the stamps. Now returns to Chile celebrating 25 years of career.

Isaac Hanson: “Lo que vivimos hace 15 años no se lo deseo ni a mi peor enemigo”

Isaac Hanson (izquierda) junto a sus hermanos Taylor y Zac.

The great phenomena of popular culture often divide waters. It occurs today with Despacito and occurred in 1997 with MMMBop. For some, Hanson’s sticky cover letter was seen almost as an aberration, an apocalyptic sign of the fall of MTV and alternative rock that had dominated the decade. For the more enthusiastic, however, the debut of the then unknown Tulsa Brothers trio (Oklahoma, USA) opened a new era for pop music, made by and for teens around the world and with no more pretensions to do have a good time.

Interestingly, both visions matched and MMMBop, with the perspective that gives the time, seems to have marked the exact moment when the grunge pessimism yielded to the explosion of the colorful pop of Britney Spears, NSYNC and who would come later. A milestone that has passed two decades and Hanson, aware of its impact, has decided to leave to celebrate with a world tour and a compilation of great hits to be published in September, with material from its six elephants.

“We always imagine being many years in music. You can not predict if that will be the case, but that was always our goal and we struggled hard to achieve it, despite the dramatic changes in the industry we have faced, “said Isaac Hanson, 36, the oldest of the three Brothers, who on August 19, at the Underground Club, will celebrate 25 years of career – and 20 since their first hit – in their third encounter with their Chilean fan.

Of those dramatic changes in the industry, which was the most affected group?
The most significant thing I would say happened about 15 years ago, when we launched our own label. Middle of nowhere (1997) was edited by a multinational that understood our proposal and wanted to work with us for many years. But when we released our second album that company no longer existed and all our collaborators had been dismissed. It was a big problem, we felt part of a label that did not believe in us and there we started a long process of abandoning this firm to finally spread our music ourselves. The labels tried to end our career but since we took control of our work we began to build this wonderful relationship that we have today with our fans. That is the reason why we continue in this, but what we lived 15 years ago do not want them or our worst enemy.

Do you feel Hanson is part of a scene these days? Are there other groups doing what you do?
Nowadays pop music is danceable and dominates the radio and the parties, but ours has always been rooted in the most traditional rock and roll and song format. We really admire The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Bee Gees and those great figures who always focused on melody and lyrics. If you listen to our last single you will realize that our music has always tried to inspire people to seek the best of them and to follow their dreams.

The fans seem to have been key to the group’s survival. I even understand that every year they organize a “Hanson Day” in their native Tulsa.
That’s right, we have that festival every year and also a beer festival. We have been very fortunate to have incredible fans around the world who supported us a lot when we went through all those legal issues with the stamps. What a pity that social networks did not exist in 1997, because everything would have been easier.

Hanson Are Hosting ‘Rage’ This Weekend Like It’s 1997 Again

By | August 10, 2017

Music Feeds

Hanson are taking over Rage this weekend, playing the videos for all of their favourite tunes.

While we imagine that their 1997 mega-hit ‘MMMBop’ may get a play, there’s plenty more that they’ve got on their list to play and it’s not just ’90s music.

They’re planning to deliver a very eclectic playlist featuring Blondie, Foo Fighters, Depeche Mode, Björk, Taylor Swift and heaps more.

The band have been together for 25 years now and have lived through many musical trends so you can expect that they’ll be taking you on a journey through the past few decades.

The three brothers wrapped up an Australian tour a few months ago, celebrating their 25th Anniversary as a band.

You can check out the Rage announcement below and tune in on Saturday at 10.30pm and 11.41pm to see them hosting the show.



PRESS RECORD: Grown-Ass Hanson Are Legit Hosting ‘Rage’ This W/E

By | August 10, 2017


PRESS RECORD: Grown-Ass Hanson Are Legit Hosting ‘Rage’ This W/E

Mmmfuckingyes. After spending a good chunk of June playing sold-out shows across Oz for their 25th anniversary ‘Middle of Everywhere‘ world tour, Hanson will be back – in spirit and visual form, at least – hosting Rage this Saturday.

This is literally nostalgia wrapped up in a little bow and will probably make you feel older than Aaron Carter‘s mugshot. That being said, things have changed since the Goldilocks trio first entered our lives and bedroom walls. And I’m not just talking about facial hair, even though I’d like to take this opportunity to say the three have aged like bloody fine wine (amazing that both of those things are legal now, too).

We’re pretty much talking about everything. Forget everything you thought you knew about Hanson. Watch the below video (which, for the record, does not mention ‘Mmmbop’ once. Good one, Rage.) for yourself:

Taylor, Zac and Isaac promise to drop bangers from BlondieAlanis MorisetteFoo FightersDepeche ModeBjörk and even …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.

What? Hanson dropping tunes from an indie band? Mate, I’m sorry to inform you that Hanson are an Indie band.

After their ‘Mmmbop‘ success with Mercury Records, Hanson were shifted to Island Def Jam as a result of the merger between Universal and PolyGram before fucking that off and creating their own independent label, 3CG Records. They’ve continued to release four studio albums under it.


I digress. If you’re keen on getting in on the action, press record from 10.20 to 11.41 this Saturday.

I, for one, welcome this inclusion to my Saturday hangover.


Salvador recebe show de Hanson

By | August 9, 2017


[Translated using Google Translate]

Salvador receives Hanson show

Capital of Bahia will be the only city in the north / northeast to have the show of the band

There will be only four concerts by Hanson in Brazil. Salvador will be the last opportunity to see the show up close. The band’s 25-year tour will reach the capital of Bahia on August 27, with the opening of the gates at 7:30 pm at the Fonte Nova Arena. Before, the band will first go through Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo.

Anyone who wants to see the Isaac brothers show, Taylor and Zack Hanson can now buy their tickets through at the Pida and Ticket Store. The first lot is worth R $ 180.00 (whole) and R $ 90.00 (half).

In 2017, the band celebrates its 25th year of career together with the launch of the international tour of Middle of Everywhere World Tour and its first album of greatest hits, that highlights the main songs of the six albums and his new single “I Was Born “.

With the beginning of his career in 1992, the band spent the first five years building their fan base as an independent band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the American state. After signing with a record label in 1997, they found themselves in the midst of a meteoric rise with their internationally known single “MMMBop” from their debut album “Middle Of Nowhere,” which was followed by 40 consecutive top singles.

This success was followed by an extensive line-up of hits, more than five recorded albums, multiple Grammy nominations and more than 16 million copies sold.

After its second decade, the band went their own way, managing an independent label while maintaining a coveted relationship with its international fan base.

In 2007, they launched a campaign to support poverty and HIV / AIDS in Africa ( In 2013, the band released HANSON Brothers Beer, debuting their new venture with Pale Ale beer signed Mmmhops. In 2014, they launched the Jam Beer and Music Festival in their hometown, Tulsa, the festival hosts more than 40,000 people a year.




Start of Sales: Friday, July 21

Date: August 27 (Sunday)
Location: Arena Fonte Nova

Gates: 7:30 p.m.
Tickets 1st batch

ARENA R $ 180,00 (whole) R $ 90,00 (half)

Points of sale: site and in the stores Ask and Ticket Counter. (Values do not include point-of-convenience convenience rate)

Sale without a convenience fee: Shopping Bela Vista

* Referring Ticket Prices subject to price changes without prior notice.

* Half-entry: It is mandatory to present a document proving the benefit in the purchase and the entrance of the show. Students, teachers, the elderly and the physically disabled.

* In the general sale, for purchases made with other credit cards, tickets can be split up to 2X.