Hanson Has A Surprisingly Profound Show Planned With The National Symphony Orchestra.

By | August 6, 2018


From left, brothers Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson (Photo by Jonathan Weiner)

They have their own record label, their own day, and their own beer. Now, not satisfied or slowing down even after 26 years in the music business, Hanson is taking on a new challenge.

On Saturday, the group that brought us one of the most endearing and enduring earworms of all time, “MMMBop,” will perform live at Wolf Trap with the National Symphony Orchestra (no stranger to pop/rock/hip-hop collaborations) as part of its String Theory tour. Rock band-orchestra collaborations have a lengthy history, from Deep Purple with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969 to Metallica teaming up with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra 30 years later. But for Hanson, it’s a new challenge for a band that’s evolved quite a bit in the past 26 years.

In 1997, the Oklahoma-based trio had already been around for about five years but shot to fame when the lead single from their album Middle of Nowhere hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and led to three Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist. Though the band is sometimes dismissed as a one-hit wonder, its continued success has been a little under the radar, with eight studio albums making the Top 40 and album sales totaling more than $16 million internationally.

We spoke to Zac, the band’s 32-year-old drummer, about String Theory (which will be released as a double album in the fall) and what propels the band forward. This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Bands from Aerosmith to the Indigo Girls have done live collaborations with orchestras. What made Hanson feel that it was a good fit, and why now?

Last year we spent a lot of time celebrating our 25th anniversary and we did a big world tour. People asked us, “Why do you keep doing it? How do you keep going?” And the answer is, the things we haven’t done yet. This was just something we really wanted to do. And it’s not like, “Here’s the hits of Hanson.” It’s more like, “Here’s Hanson’s philosophy for life, through music you both know and music you don’t know.”

Can you speak to that a little bit more, your philosophy toward life?

This process of getting to do what we get to do. I think [with] each of our own individual experiences in life through marriage and children, you come up against a lot of struggles and a lot of choices. And usually, it’s not quite what you expect. But if you have it in you to continue to believe in things and to look for the next thing, then you get to come to the other side and recognize the beauty of pushing through.

What we have in this show is a selection of songs that’s very specific because of the lyrics and the message. You have songs like “MMMBop,” which is about overcoming adversity and loss, that in an MMMBop, everything will be gone and changed and you’ll be at a different point or the end of your life. And you need to choose right now what’s important to you, so that you can grab those things so they’ll still be around when you are at the end of that life. So songs from “MMMBop” to a new song that was written for the show called “Reach for the Sky,” which is about life and about a boy who’s not understood.

Since you’re playing with a different orchestra in each city, do you really get a chance to rehearse with each of them?

It’s kind of intense, but what we do is run the whole show just with the conductor. And obviously, they’ve been prepped and had the music beforehand. And then we’ll run the whole show early in the day, and then there’s a little break and we play with the symphony in front of the audience. It’s a full day—it’s like doing three shows in one day, but it builds that confidence that we want to have when we’re playing together, where everybody really knows where they are and is able to enjoy the music, not simply go through the motions.

What are some of the biggest differences about performing with an orchestra versus performing just with your band?

Volume is a really interesting thing. I don’t think people realize that bands are loud and orchestras are not—violins don’t produce that much volume, and so you really have to consciously put yourself in the right place, especially as a drummer. The relationship with the conductor is different because bands, we don’t read sheet music on stage. We all started off playing classical piano, so we have an understanding of sheet music, but it’s different. When somebody [says],“Let’s play over bar 86,” and you’re like, “Hold on, hold on, bar 86?” We usually just say “bridge.” I feel like it’s the way that the Danish and the Norwegians can understand each other, but not completely.

Tell us about the barefoot walks you do with fans before shows to fight HIV/AIDS and poverty in Africa.

We’ve been doing this since 2007, and I think this relates to our lives and our perspective on things, what we’ve gone through. We had an experience where we went with some friends to Africa and [saw] things we hadn’t seen. And realizing Oklahoma in particular has issues with AIDS and HIV and kind of going, “Whoa, I did not realize that.” Through connecting that to experiences in South Africa, we decided we wanted to do something, even if it was very humble, and encourage people that they had this ability to do little things.

It kind of has this ripple effect. Symbolically, walking barefoot is—you’re connecting with the idea of not having things. We started an organization with TOMS shoes. And so that’s been something that’s continued to be a part of what we do because it’s the medicine of life, to find ways to leave it better than you found it, to give to people who have less. We donate a dollar for every single person that chooses to do the walk with us. And then people can also go to the Take the Walk website and host their own walk. I don’t think we’ll actually be doing it at the Wolf Trap show just because the nature of having to do all the early rehearsal.

Switching gears: So, seven years ago, you wind up in Katy Perry’s video for “Last Friday Night.” Tell us how that came about and how crazy it was on set.

It was a pretty crazy video. You know, this stuff is just as random as it probably seems. We’ve been lucky to be successful enough that people know who we are and that there’s this—it’s not just a connection to music, there’s sort of a cultural connection to time periods. And also we have this interesting process of being a band that’s gone through, in my case, adolescence through adulthood.

String Theory is already a really large-scale production. Do you think Hanson: The Musical could be next?

That would be interesting. If we could do a musical with people as amazing as we’ve worked with on this project then it’s probably something that we’d like to do. I think many, many, many bands at some point in their career go, “Metallica did it—let’s do a string thing.” And so when this process first came up, somebody said, “Well why don’t you guys do a symphony tour or something?” We said that would be awesome except we don’t want to just put some string pads under our music and do the hits or whatever. We want to do something that is really creatively fulfilling and we want to do it with people that we admire.

There could be a musical. I like the challenge.

Wolf Trap Filene Center, 8:15 p.m., $30-$70

Hanson to Perform at Big E

By | August 6, 2018

NBC Connecticut

Hanson brought you hits including “MMMbop” and “I Will Come to You” and they will be performing at the Big E.

The band that brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac formed in 1992 will perform on the Court of Honor stage on Sept. 14. The concert is free with gate admission.

Other concerts on the Court of Honor stage include “Blessed Union of Souls,” “Reel Big Fish,” “Max Creek” and more.

To attend concerts at Xfinity Arena, you need to buy tickets. The shows on that stage include The Marshall Tucker Band, B.B. King’s Blues Band featuring Tito Jackson, Ice-T, Jacob Sartorius and more.

 The Big E runs from Sept. 14 to 30.

Hanson to sing National Anthem at Darlington Raceway

By | July 31, 2018


DARLINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA (July 31, 2018) – The iconic pop rock group HANSON will participate in the award-winning Official Throwback Weekend of NASCAR by performing the national anthem for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Bojangles’ Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway on Sunday, Sept. 2.

Founded in 1992 at ages 11, nine and six, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac spent their first five years building a fan base as an independent band in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, the band has built an impressive 26-year long career of performing and making music.

“We’re all very excited to perform the national anthem at Darlington Raceway,” Isaac Hanson said. “We’ve been fortunate to perform the anthem at many great venues and it’ll be great to add Darlington Raceway to that list.”

In 1997, the group released their major record debut with the album “Middle of Nowhere” including the international smash single “Mmmbop”. This garnered multiple Grammy nominations, and five consecutive top 40 singles such as “Where’s the Love”, and “I Will Come to You”.

In 2003, HANSON launched their own independent record label “3CG”, and their first independent album “Underneath” was a number one independent billboard album in 2004. Since then, the group has toured all over the world, released 3 studio albums, and has sold over 16 million albums to date.

HANSON is also very experienced in performing national anthems, as they have performed it at the 1997 World Series, the 1999 Women’s FIFA World Cup, for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and on many other occasions.

“HANSON is a group that has been performing together for over 25 years and we’re more than happy to have them at Darlington Raceway performing our national anthem,” track President Kerry Tharp said. “They have had a tremendous amount of experience performing the anthem at many great venues and will do a great job for our Bojangles’ Southern 500 race.”

The band is also heavily involved with their philanthropic efforts as well, as in 2007 they launched a grassroots campaign to help combat poverty and provide HIV/Aids relief in Africa (takethewalk.net).

Darlington Raceway’s award-winning throwback campaign is The Official Throwback Weekend of NASCAR featuring the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Bojangles’ Southern 500® on Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018. The NASCAR XFINITY Series Sport Clips Haircuts VFW 200 will race on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018. Tickets are on sale now by calling 866-459-7223 or visiting DarlingtonRaceway.com.

You can keep up with all of the latest news from Darlington Raceway at DarlingtonRaceway.com, on Facebook at Facebook.com/DarlingtonRaceway and on Twitter at Twitter.com/TooToughToTame. Fans are encouraged to post their Bojangles’ Southern 500 stories and memories at, #BojanglesSo500 and #SportClips200.

— Darlington Raceway —

Tuesday Trivia

By | July 31, 2018


At the peak of their fame, the guys said they received about 2000 fan mail letters per day.

Isaac would like to see what theme for a Christmas album?

Do you have a Hanson trivia question you'd like to submit for consideration for our Tuesday Trivia question?  Send the question & answer to blog@hansonstage.com

Hanson: From MMMBop to Mmmhops

By | July 29, 2018


July 29, 2018: In 1997, the Hanson brothers ruled the airwaves with their hit song “MMMBop.” More than 20 years later, they’re still an active band releasing new music ever year. They’ve now ventured into new territory with beer. Find out how they made their way to “Mmmhops.”

News Roundup: HANSON | String Theory

By | July 27, 2018

A lot of news outlets have been covering the announcement of Hanson’s upcoming String Theory tour.  Here are a few of the articles…

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Hanson heading to Stifel Theatre (formerly Peabody Opera House) with symphony orchestra [STL Today]

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Pop band Hanson heading to St. Louis this fall [KMOV]

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Hanson Adds 2018-2019 Tour Dates: Ticket Presale Code & On-Sale Info [Zumic]

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Hanson is bringing a symphonic orchestra to Central Florida this fall [Orlando Weekly]

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Hanson bringing full symphonic tour to the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg [Tampa Bay Times]

Music News: The National and Maxwell Highlight This Week’s Concert Announcements [Dallas Observer]

Hanson anuncia novo álbum, “String Theory”, e turnê [Vaga lume]

Hanson Segera Rilis Album Anyar dan Gelar Tur [Solo trust]

Hanson is bringing a full symphony orchestra to Minneapolis [bring me the news]

First shows announced at Cleveland’s Masonic Auditorium since Live Nation takeover [Cleveland]

Ticket alert: Hanson’s symphonic tour on way to Miami Beach [South Florida]

MMMBop, Beer, and Rollercoasters

By | July 27, 2018


These are a few of my favorite things! Seriously, could this event be any better?

Hanson+Oktoberfest+Adventureland=The best day of my life!

For those of you that don’t know, Adventureland is an amusement park in Altoona, IA near Des Moines. I have a lot of memories at Adventureland, but I haven’t been there since High School.

Oktoberfest is a German beer festival and Hanson is one of the greatest bands of all time. Put them all together and I’m freaking out!

It makes total sense that Hanson would be part of Oktoberfest. A few years ago they introduced their very own beer, MMMhops pale ale. I’m sure there will be plenty of their beer around to sample.

Oktoberfest at Adventureland is October 6 from 11 AM until 10 PM and tickets are $30 in advance. There are special hotel and camping packages if you so choose.

Check out this video of the first Oktoberfest at Adventureland.

HNET Newsletter- July 26, 2018

By | July 27, 2018


This spyglass is one of the special items only available on Hanson.net in the String Theory Gold Package. Starting this week you can pre-order String Theory packages as well as purchase tickets from the new lineup of live String Theory concerts. We hope to see you at a concert soon.


At the beginning of this week we announced all the String Theory tour dates for 2018. The Hanson.net Pre-sale has been going all week, but starting tomorrow, most tickets will go on-sale to the public.  We have enlisted the help of renowned Engineer/Producer Jim Scott and are well underway mixing the String Theory album right now. Jim has been doing an amazing job melding the two worlds of band and symphony together really bringing the songs and David Campbell’s arrangements to life. Starting this week, Hanson.net members have been able to pre-order the String Theory album which will be releasing this fall.

We are a week away from the second String Theory show, in Pittsburgh. We hope to see many of you there.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


String Theory is the next frontier for HANSON, telling a story of aspiration and fortitude against the odds. The music resonates with authenticity, coming from a group whose signature is never to chase trends, but instead to stay focused on their melodic craftsmanship, establishing themselves as one of the few artists of their generation able to continually reinvent and reimagine their music, which has helped them to maintain an active global fanbase over 25 years after their founding.

Thu 2 Aug 18 Pittsburgh PA Heinz Hall Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Sat 4 Aug 18 Vienna VA Filene Center at Wolftrap National Symphony Orchestra
Sat 8 Sep 18 Denver CO Boettcher Concert Hall Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Sat 13 Oct 18 Los Angeles CA Greek Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sun 14 Oct 18 Phoenix AZ Comerica Theatre Live with Orchestra
Fri 18 Oct 18 Houston TX Jones Hall Houston Symphony Orchestra
Sat 20 Oct 18 Atlanta GA Atlanta Symphony Hall Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Sun 21 Oct 18 Nashville TN Schermerhorn Center Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Tue 23 Oct 18 Houston TX Jones Hall Houston Symphony
Thu 25 Oct 18 Miami FL The Fillmore Live with Orchestra
Fri 26 Oct 18 St Petersburg FL Mahaffey Theater Live with Orchestra
Fri 2 Nov 18 Louisville KY The Louisville Palace Live with Orchestra
Sun 4 Nov 18 Minneapolis MN State Theatre Live with Orchestra
Mon 5 Nov 18 Chicago IL Chicago Theatre Live with Orchestra
Wed 7 Nov 18 St Louis MO Stifel Theatre Live with Orchestra
Thu 8 Nov 18 Cleveland OH Masonic Temple Live with Orchestra
Sat 10 Nov 18 Boston MA Orpheum Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sun 11 Nov 18 Philadelphia PA The Tower Theatre Live with Orchestra
Tue 13 Nov 18 New York NY Beacon Theatre Live with Orchestra
Tue 20 Nov 18 Toronto ON Queen Elizabeth Theatre Live with Orchestra
Wed 21 Nov 18 Toronto ON Queen Elizabeth Theatre Live with Orchestra
Sat 5 Jan 19 Fort Worth TX Bass Performance Hall Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Fri 17 May 19 Tulsa OK Tulsa PAC Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
Fri 7 Jun 19 Buffalo NY Kleinhans Music Hall Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

For more details, CLICK HERE!


String Theory brings together an exciting collaboration of song craftmanship and symphonic spectacle framing the established Grammy nominated multi platinum pop-rock trio’s music through a special symphonic collaboration with academy award winning composer and arranger David Campbell. The 22 song double album spans the bands career including some of their best known material (MmmBop, Where’s The Love, This Time Around, I Was Born and more) alongside brand new or never released to the public songs (Reaching For The Sky, Battle Cry, Breaktown, No Rest For The Weary) which tell a story of aspiration, despair, fortitude and ultimately a return to optimism.

The Album, features brand new and rearranged recordings of 22 songs with the full symphonic orchestration highlighting the bands music and craftsmanship on a scale never done before.

Gold & Deluxe packages are available for Fan Club members to pre-order now. Public pre-order will begin on Friday, July 27th.


Fan Club ExclusiveWhile supplies last, Fan Club exclusive t-shirts are on sale for $5 each in the Hanson.net store!


Aug 10, 2018 – Indianapolis, IN, US – Indiana State Fair – GET TICKETS
Aug 11, 2018 – West Allis, WI, US – Wisconsin State Fair – GET TICKETS
Aug 16, 2018 – Escanaba, MI, US – Upper Peninsula State Fair – GET TICKETS
Aug 30, 2018 – Syracuse, NY, US – NY State Fair – GET TICKETS
Oct 6, 2018 – Altoona, IA, US – Oktoberfest (21+) – GET TICKETS
Oct 29 – Oct 31 – Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA – America Gardens Theater -Disneyworld – Epcot –
[Eat To The Beat Concert at Epcot Food and Wine Festival]

Tickets On Sale Now!

For information on all HANSON shows, CLICK HERE.


2018 Membership Kits shipping now! Remember to renew your Hanson.net membership for 2018.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.

Tuesday Trivia

By | July 24, 2018


Isaac went on his honeymoon in Savannah, GA.

At the peak of the band’s fame, about how many fan mail letters did they receive a day?

Do you have a Hanson trivia question you'd like to submit for consideration for our Tuesday Trivia question?  Send the question & answer to blog@hansonstage.com

Hanson Announce New Album String Theory, Plus Tour

By | July 23, 2018

Paste Magazine

Hanson Announce New Album <i>String Theory</i>, Plus Tour

More than 20 years later, Hanson’s dangerously catchy pop tune “MMMBop” is still perpetually stuck in our heads. The three brothers are actually still making music together, and Monday they announced a new, symphony-inspired record. Coined String Theory, the album, which Hanson self-produced, will feature songs both new and old. The already-released songs will appear on the record as new versions refreshed as symphonic arrangements. Does this mean we’ll get to hear a choir sing “MMMBop” backed by a family of cellos and violas? This is yet to be determined.

In addition to the album, which, according to Billboard is expected to drop in fall 2018, Hanson is going on tour. The “String Theory” tour kicks off in August in Pittsburgh and continues through next year. For some of the dates, they’ll support String Theory in the most orchestral of fashions: with performances from live symphony orchestras. You can find all those dates here.

Also remember when the Hanson brothers launched a beer line? At the time, our columnist hailed the brews as not half bad. Below, watch decade-old footage of Hanson performing at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, via the Paste vault.