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Episode 25: Hanson Nightmares (Halloween 2017)

By | November 28, 2017

Hanson has given fans plenty of great memories. For Halloween this year, let’s totally disregard all of those for a moment and dive into the horrifying things people have experienced due to Hanson…everything from frustrating inconveniences to near-death experiences. Guests: Lots!

Episode 24: Book Club Vol. 1 (of 1)

By | November 28, 2017

Keeping it classy on this one. Remember when one of Hanson’s 48 former backup guitar players wrote a book back in 1999, talking about his experiences with the band in the days of their early fame? Let’s explore that literary masterwork for a little bit.

Partial Setlist Help

By | October 22, 2017

We have some partial setlists for some of the recent shows on the Middle of Everywhere tour. If you know of any songs that are missing or that shouldn’t be on the list, please let us know! Also, if the setlist looks correct, let us know so we can remove it from being flagged as… Read More »

Making of Finally It’s Christmas

By | October 21, 2017 will be featuring the making of Finally It’s Christmas streams for 3 Fridays after the release of “Finally It’s Christmas”.  Join them on October 27, November 3 and November 10 at 6pm CST for these streams.

Rest In Peace Tom Petty: Wild Flowers

By | October 4, 2017

Tom Petty has been a huge inspiration, his musical genius has inspired us over and over to push our own music to new heights. Following his tragic passing we could not take the stage without sharing one of our most beloved Tom Petty songs, Wildflowers. The heavenly choir has never sounded as good as it… Read More »

Karson & Kennedy Talk To Zac From Hanson

By | September 29, 2017

Mix 104.1 It’s been 25 years of Hanson & it’s time to celebrate! We’re hosting a very special “Throwback Mix Lounge” with Hanson & this morning we talked with Zac, the youngest member of the brotherly trio about everything from his early start at just 6 years old to their new music, their sold out House of… Read More »

Finally It’s Christmas Track Listing

By | September 29, 2017

1 Finally It’s Christmas 2 Wonderful Christmas Time/ Come on It’s Christmas (Medley) 3 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 4 ’Til New Year’s Night 5 Please Come Home 6 Someday At Christmas 7 Joy To The Mountain 8 Jingle Bells 9 Happy Christmas 10 All I Want For Christmas 11 Winter Wonderland 12 Blue Christmas 13… Read More »

Finally It’s Christmas Ticket & Setlist Help

By | September 26, 2017

Since we have gotten some questions from those looking to help, I figured I’d put this post together now too.  As always we will be looking for ticket images and setlist help for the Finally It’s Christmas tour. If you have a ticket to share – email it to us or use the form… Read More »