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Taylor’s Forbes #under30Summit Q&A

Forbes Facebook

Hey this is Taylor Hanson, very pleased to be joining you via the @forbes#under30summit in philadelphia. Let’s talk about music and the business surrounding it in our changing digital climate. I’m looking forward to your questions.
-Taylor H
Photo: Hey this is Taylor Hanson, very pleased to be joining you via the @forbes #under30summit in philadelphia. Let's talk about music and the business surrounding it in our changing digital climate. I'm looking forward to your questions.<br />
-Taylor H
Chrissy W: Hey Taylor, welcome back to our fine city of Philadelphia! Have you heard any local music while you were here?
Taylor: I started off with music on the first night of the conference sitting in with the amazing LP. As far as philly music, I am excited to heard a bit of questlove tonight when he dj’s the #under30summit after party
Traci J: Do you see any improvement in the radio industry happening? Do you think it will ever be the type of force it used to be?
Taylor: There is more music purchased or exchanged than ever before. We do need to work to create more platforms that value content creators (to help make a sustainable future for all creators) but I think the future is bright.
Maria Clara F:Hi Taylor, i have more of a doubt than a question itself. Sometimes you and some other independent artists sound like the industry itself represents more damage than benefits to their signed cast. I definitely see your point but if going independent and articulate connected to your fans is so much better, i wonder why the artists won’t just rebel already and leave the industry behind.
Taylor: That is an interesting question. I think you have to look at any change of tide in a major industry and recognize that a movement requires extraordinary leadership to unify people, artists are told they should fear those that know more and that stops them from taking hold of their careers. I hope to see more artits willing to take hold of their career in the future (we will all benefit)
Melissa N: Have you and the band considered streaming live concertd live session with fans using online websites such as
Taylor: We have been kicking back into gear with livestreaming through our own site and you should join us for a stream on Nov 1st. #alivetonight go to it includes live music and more
Laura D: HANSON was definitely a frontrunner when it came to digital presence in the 90s for bands (and my obsession with that turned into a career, so thank you for helping me be nerdy ). How do YOU stay on top of the trends vs the standards when it comes to digital promotions, communications, etc.? Or do you set your own?
Taylor: It is very difficult to stay on top of all social media we focus first on the content and our brand, and as new things arrise we use those tools as well as we can to surround that content and vision. You cannot chase trends.
Rebecca P: Why do you think the music industry has overlooked data or atleast qualitative data and what can they do to change that?
Taylor: The music industry does not have a history of learning from it’s mistakes or for that matter innovating from within. I think that is becuase it has not historically been veiwed as a business that people outside of entertainment would be able to invest in, but now with this more open business world that merges all creative sciences we have a better shot at making the music world a bit smarter
Suze R: How do you think the the music industries transition into the digital music age effects the songwriter?
Taylor: Songwriters need to be even more focused on knowing their business and protecting their content value.
Summer D: Taylor! When can we expect a new album and tour? Hope to see you back in New Orleans very soon
Taylor: We are focused on doing different projects (like taking the time to be at the Forbes #under30summit and you can expect a special tour next year. love new orleans!
Leonor D: This year is ending and I wonder What plans do you have to surprise your fans???
Taylor: It would not be a surprise if we told you!
Laura T: Best advice for an singer/songwriter looking to make a start in the industry? Since I started singing because of your music, figured who better to ask ps Hi from Adelaide, Australia!
Taylor: We love australia, we were just there. Advice. Start with knowing who you are as an artist. Get to know that and then get out and work. (also see the answer above regarding social media).
Brooklynn S: Do you think things like Spotify and Pandora are hurting or helping the music industry? I can see both positives and negatives. What are your thoughts?
Taylor: I think a concept is always valuable because even if you are releasing singles you still need to present a vision and a message to fans. I think of it more like being a designer and presenting a new line, or a season, it all ties together even though you have to buy one piece at a time.
Nikki S: Since starting 3CG Records, have you considered producing music for other musicians? HAve you already done this?
Taylor:   Yes producing other artists is something we are very excited to do more in the future. We have done some work as producers for outside artists, but that is one of the main focus’s for us now (between now and the next HANSON record). any artists in mind?
Ashley S: Hello Taylor do you have any new business adventures lined up?!?
Taylor: It is not a for profit business, but a non-profit venture I began earlier this year is called Food ON the MOve, which is a collaboration between food and hunger specialists in my hometown Tulsa Oklahoma, which focus’s on developing community partnership in areas designated as Food Deserts (areas without access to fresh produce of a grocery store). That is very exciting and I am hopeful it will help strengthen the dialog around hunger in my home state.
Megan P: How does Hanson continue to be successful in the music business after the many changes it’s seen over the years?
Taylor: We have amazing fans, and we always focus on putting our passion first. that does not mean every project is a hit but it means we keep the trust of those that matter most (we hope). We’ve also been very blessed.
Andre S: How does an unknown artist effectively market their music in this crazy time?
Taylor: Start with the basics. Start local with live performance. Use digital tools with focus (pick a key social media outlet that you connect with and make that your main platform). don’t try and please everyone, focus on knowing who YOU are and let others that love that come to you
Michael C: Taylor! hello front Portland- Music, merch, touring, brewing… what is your next vision?
Taylor:  HI Michael, glad that you are joining us. We have several great things in the works. I think our current vision within the music world is to begin generating more consistent content online through livestreaming and work toward some special collaborative projects with artists beyond the HANSON brand. I talked about it yesterday at the conference here #under30summit, that I believe in the concept of an ongoing flow of content from artists to keep the relationship strong.
Alex K: Have you been surprised by some of the successful business decisions you’ve been able to make thanks to the data analysis you discussed at the panel yesterday?
Taylor: Hi Alex, that is a great question. Yes the power of data in our new world is a valuable tool to empower our decisions. When you start with a mission you want to achieve that it is especially valuable to have data to back that up and help excecute it. The future is bright for the collaboration between content and great data
Julie P: Can you already tell us when we will get new music from Tinted Windows?
Taylor:  We are working on new songs now…release date TBD


Musicians Play Moneyball: Data Revolutionizes Another Industry


Taylor Hanson at Forbes' Under 30 Summit
Taylor Hanson at Forbes’ Under 30 Summit

The concept of rooting business decisions more in quantitative, rather than qualitative, examination transformed the baseball industry. Now a small, if evangelical, group of entrepreneurs and musicians are trying to apply the same mindset to booking tours, releasing albums and managing fame. It was part of the discussion at FORBES’ Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia today, one that featured Hanson, Spotify’s Sachin Doshi and entrepreneur Alex White.

Taking center stage of this shift are entertainers like Hanson, who has experimented with social media data to line up gigs in seemingly strange locations. “All of a sudden we could have 200 people in a bar in the dessert,” says the blonde boy band singer and CEO of 3CG Records.
Not just artists are playing at Moneyball — capitalists too. White’s New York-based startup Next Big Sound takes data on artists and sells it to managers and entertainers in one $20-a-month dashbord. Next Big Sound pulls through Facebook likes, Pandora downloads and other mentions for artists to make more analytical choices.

“People don’t get in the music industry because they love data. Except for me,” says White. “There’s never been this much data. There was just CD sales and radio.” One piece of data he especially liked: examining how many times an artist’s MySpace page was viewed and comparing it to how many songs were downloaded from that MySpace page.

What are the implications of all this? “Data can show us when to release the next record,” says Spotify’s Doshi. “That’s certainly something in our streaming environment that we can work with artists and bands.”


Hanson’s Mmmhops Craft Beer Debuts At Epcot Food & Wine Festival – Video Interview


Hanson, the popular music band from the 90′s, has created their own Mmmhops Pale Ale beer and debuted it at this year’s 2014 Epcot Food & Wine Festival. The craft beer is named after their hit song, “MMMBop” and is brewed at their Hanson Brothers Beer Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is the first time Mmmhops is available in Florida and the craft beer can be found at the Epcot’s Festival Center. Hanson recently presented Mmmhops at a beverage seminar at the Festival Center to an excited crowd of fans.
Hansons Mmmhops Craft Beer Debuts At Epcot Food & Wine Festival

(click image to enlarge)

The beverage seminar was a talk on how the brothers came up with the beer idea and how they designed this beer to be an introduction to drinking a hoppy beer. The goal was to make it a drinkable full bodied beer with a hoppy flavor, but not go overboard with a hoppy bitter flavor. They were very knowledgable talking about craft beers and brewing, dropping some beer knowledge to the crowd, while keeping it entertaining for the fans. An autographed beer signed by Hanson was available for purchase with a quick meet and greet, plus a photo opportunity.

Afterwards I got a chance to interview the band about their Mmmhops beer and we talked about craft beers, what food to pair with Mmmhops, and discovering craft beer and food while traveling. These guys are super chill and were great to interview. Watch the video interview directly below…


Please excuse the loud waterfall sound in the background


Link to video on YouTube:
Later that evening, Hanson performed at Epcot’s Eat to the Beat Concert Series:
Hansons Mmmhops Craft Beer Debuts At Epcot Food & Wine Festival

(click image to enlarge)

Hanson performing songs from the past to new songs on stage.
Hansons Mmmhops Craft Beer Debuts At Epcot Food & Wine Festival

(click image to enlarge)

Isaac Hanson on guitar
Hansons Mmmhops Craft Beer Debuts At Epcot Food & Wine Festival

(click image to enlarge)

Taylor Hanson on keyboard and piano.
Hansons Mmmhops Craft Beer Debuts At Epcot Food & Wine Festival

(click image to enlarge)

Zac Hanson on drums.

After watching Hanson perform, I must admit they are a talented group of singers, performers, and musicians. Their fans have so much energy to sing and dance to every song. According to Hanson, this is Hanson’s forth or fifth year performing at Epcot Food & Wine Festival.
Hansons Mmmhops Craft Beer Debuts At Epcot Food & Wine Festival

(click image to enlarge)

I actually tried the Mmmhops beer during a media event a few weeks ago and it’s as the band describes it, an introductory hoppy beer and full-bodied Pale Ale. It was paired with the Florida Grass Fed-Beef Slider with Pimento Cheese (from Hops & Barley marketplace) and the beer went really well with the flavors of the slider. Mmmhops with a burger would be a great combination together.

Hanson is definitely serious about their craft beer and Mmmhops sounds like it’s only the beginning for Hanson Brothers Beer Company. They mentioned in the interview that they are hoping to see more craft beer presence at the festival, which you definitely can see this year with an entire room dedicated to craft beers at Epcot Food & Wine. Hopefully the festival will have Mmmhops served at one of the marketplaces in the future.

Mmmhops beer is currently available at the Epcot’s Festival Center and select locations in the Midwest. Since the brewery is based in Oklahoma, that Midwest area of the U.S. is where the concentration of distribution is right now. Hanson mentioned that Mmmhops would be available later this year in select locations around Florida. You can always buy the beer online on the
Find out more about Epcot Food & Wine Festival:

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival continues until November 10, 2014.
Words and photos by Julius Mayo Jr.
Content and photos © 2014

Droolius with Hanson (photo op with the band).
Disclaimer: I was invited as media to interview Hanson. I was not compensated to write this post and all opinions are always my own.


Hanson debuts Mmmhops beer at Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Tampa Bay Times 

From left, &#65279;&#65279;Taylor, Isaac and Zac Hanson introduce their new beer, called Mmmhops, at Epcot in September.
LAKE BUENA VISTA — Fans started lining up at 6 a.m. to see Hanson talk beer.


Yes, beer. Yes, Hanson. The towheaded brothers behind the earwig [sic] MMMBop have come to the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival to play music for the past five years. But this year, they had a brilliant business tie-in.

They were legal now, way legal, producing a brand of pale ale aptly named Mmmhops. The beer is making its Florida debut at the festival, sold in cups at the Fife & Drum kiosk at the American Adventure pavilion and in bottles in the festival center.

That’s where Isaac, Taylor and Zac gathered in September for a “beer seminar” and to sign bottles for fans. The brothers formed their beer company in 2013, their 21st year as a band (get it?). The song MMMBop has almost come of age, too, they said.

“If you play that song backwards, it says ‘Drink more beer,’ ” middle brother Taylor quipped to an adoring crowd of hundreds.

Confession: I was fangirling with them. I merrily accepted an interview with the band, because my Hanson hang-up is no big secret. In the 1990s, Hanson was mine. My David Cassidy, my Justin Bieber, my One Direction. My friends and I wrote them mail with glitter stickers down the side. I was sure I’d marry Taylor. Can we call that institutional knowledge?

Alas, time has passed: Isaac is 33; Taylor is 31; Zac is 28.

The Hansons are all married with a combined 11 children. They’ve produced 10 albums and toured the world. Surely they needed a hobby, or at least a drink. Backstage, I tried to find an elegant way to ask Hanson if the beer meant they were in the baby stages of a midlife crisis.

“I don’t know if this is what you’re extrapolating,” Taylor said, my eyes shooting with cartoon hearts. “But I think that if you look, there are a lot of people our age and younger that are really passionate about the craft beer scene. For us, part of what we’re able to say with our interest in beer is, we’re much like many people of our generation. …

“Sometimes what you’re really excited about happens to be on the right curve, where it’s lining up with the cultural movement. And in this case, I would say that’s very much true.”

They partnered with the Mustang Brewing Co. in Oklahoma and started producing a pale ale with Zythos, Centennial and Willamette hops, plus a potent 7.5 percent alcohol content (it really mmm-bops you). They formed a beer and music festival in Tulsa called Hop Jam.

The beer is available around Oklahoma and the Midwest, and online. They say there will be more varieties.

“A good pale ale is an anchor to put in the ground and build around,” said Taylor. “Ours is the kind of pale ale that we think introduces you to higher flavored beers.”

The brothers’ interest in beer feels legitimate. They’re into brands like Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Dogfish Head and 3 Floyds. They tossed around terms like “malty,” “triple IPA” and “IBU,” or International Bittering Units.

As for the name, they’re not worried it’s gimmicky.

“We always felt like if we want to move forward, we need to take our past with us,” Taylor said. “You can’t wipe things out. And we’re proud of MMMBop.”

It was nominated for Grammys, licensed in everything from The Hangover Part III to Despicable Me 2. And the brothers are sincere when they talk about the message, that it can help people navigate life, even through those prickly thirties.

“That song talks about how, over time you’ll discover that very few things in life last and that you have to consciously define that for yourself,” said Zac, who was 11 when the brothers recorded the song. “When we see the audiences at shows and see these people who have been with you for 20-some-odd years, it rings true what that song is saying. But I think the beer … it’s like the toast to that.”

“To the ones who really care,” added Isaac, quoting the song.

Well, I cared. I bought two bottles of Mmmhops for the Disneyfied price of $15.45 and cracked one open at dinner.

It was a little bitter going down. But the longer it lasted, the more it kept opening up.

Contact Stephanie Hayes at or (727) 893-8716. Follow @stephhayes.

.if you go

Drink some Mmmhops

The 19th annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival runs 9 a.m.-9 p.m. daily through Nov. 10 at Walt Disney World. Included with daily admission: $94, $88 ages 3-9, 2 and younger free. Some events may also require a special event ticket. Food and drinks range from $3 to $8 at each stop along the tour of countries. Epcot at Walt Disney World, 1515 N Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista. Call (407) 939-3378 for more information or go to

Under 30 Summit: Taylor Hanson On Sustaining A Rockstar Career


For the first time, Forbes is bringing together 1,000+ members of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list with some of the globe’s top leaders and mentors to create partnerships that will change the world over the next 50 years. The Under 30 Summit will take place in Philadelphia from Oct. 19 – 22.

It’s been nearly 20 years since Hanson ruled the charts with the impossibly catchy “MmmBop.” But unbeknownst to many, Hanson has quietly adjusted to the new music world–and seems to have found a blueprint for sustainable success.

Since the beginning of last year, Hanson has played more than 95 shows in over a dozen countries, grossing north of $40,000 per concert, according to touring data provider Pollstar. The band continues to release a new album roughly every three years through its own 3CG Records; the latest, Anthem, landed at No. 22 on the Billboard 200.

“First and foremost, I’m an artist,” says Taylor Hanson. “Songwriting and creating music from the ground up has always led what we do. That’s one of the coolest things that we’ve been able to do over time. Even when we started out, it was truly ours.”
In recent years, though, taking a hands-on approach to managing their career has been a key part of the brothers’ experience–and that’s one of the things Taylor will be discussing on the “Music Goes Moneyball” panel at the upcoming Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia.

The panel, named after my FORBES article of the same title, will also feature Next Big Sound’s Alex White, Spotify’s Sachin Doshi and yours truly as a moderator. It’s set to take place at 12:30pm on Oct 20th on the main floor of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

We’ll be exploring how big data and predictive analytics (the sort championed by Next Big Sound) have changed the music business for artists, entrepreneurs and executives. And few musicians have been keeping a closer eye on this trend than Hanson.

“Data is such a funny thing because it’s only as good as your ability to read it,” he says. “Your business being structured to respond is something that’s really key in this era.”

Though Hanson was among the early adopters of Next Big Sound, Taylor and his brothers have been studying the composition and location of their audience for years thanks to the trove of information offered up by their robust fan club.

By simply using their own database, they can tell where largest clusters of fans are, and plan tours accordingly. Hanson has also been known to poll its fans directly to determine what cities make most sense to play.

Meanwhile, Hanson’s devout following has grown up with the band, and the brothers have expanded their business accordingly. For instance: they launched their own craft beer called–what else–MmmHops. With every bottle purchased, fans receive a free song and automatically make a donation to Hanson’s non-profit, Take The Walk.

“One of the things we’ve tried to do, especially over the past five years, is really embrace the face that we’re not just in the music business,” says Taylor. “We’re in the business of Hanson.”

Kacey Musgraves talks Hanson


You previously told me one of the first cassettes you ever received was a Hanson album. Who’s your favorite brother?

Ha! Oh, man. Well they’re all cute. Back in the day, it was the little one that I thought was the cutest. Is his name Zac? I think so.

MMMPop? Hanson Curates Playlist for Pop Art Exhibition



Have you ever found yourself at an art show wondering, “I wish there was a Hanson connection here?” If so, head on down to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the Philbrook Museum of Art is promoting its new show of 1970s Pop art by boasting a custom-designed soundtrack of ’70s pop hits curated by the one-time teen pop sensations, with users invited to plug in to Spotify on their smartphones for a more immersive experience. The show itself is dubbed “Fever & Flash: Pop in the 1970s,” and is curated by the very capable Lauren Ross. It centers on a suite of 1972 Andy Warhol polaroids dubbed the “Little Red Book,” as well as works by Marisol, Claes Oldenburg, Eduardo Paolozzi, Robert Rauschenberg, Fritz Scholder, Saul Steinberg, Larry Rivers, and others, promising a taste of “the 1970s’s distinctive mix of patriotism, unrest, glamor, and fame.” But enough about the art! The now 33-year-old Isaac Hanson himself was on hand at the museum to tout the collaboration recently, and a Tulsa World video interview shows him explaining the rigorous artistic process that went into creating the “Fever & Flesh” soundtrack: “I took a look at my favorite albums from that era and talked to the guys about it and threw some ideas around and came up with a fun playlist.”


And you don’t have to be in Tulsa to enjoy the Hanson brothers’ selections! The Philbrook’s Hanson Spotify playlist is public—though, fair warning, it contains the much-loathed Frankie Valli tune “December, 1963 (Oh What a Night!),” in addition to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young,” and a host of other toe-tapping tunes that you haven’t heard since the last time you were at a wedding reception. Still, if the “playlist” idea gets more people to see the show, that’s OK. And fans in search of an artier take on the ’70s pop playlist idea can look forward to a promised future Philbrook collabo with Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne.

Hanson NEWS: ‘MMMHops’ Beer Wows Taste Buds At The Epcot Food Festival, Will The Tulsa Natives Be Featured In A New Pop Art Exhibit? [SEE TWEETS]

Fashion Style

The handsome Hanson brothers are certainly keeping busy! The blonde trio recently performed at Disney World’s Epcot Food Festival and also took the time out to promote their beer “MMMHops” as well. Plus, Hanson will also be a part of the “Fever and Flash” pop art exhibit in Tulsa’s Philbrook Downton too.

Last Friday, Hanson posted a series of tweets about their performances at the Epcot Food Festival, which took place at Walt Disney World in Florida.

One tweet showed a picture of Hanson and their backup band getting ready to hit the stage while others were simply retweets of the photographs that fans took during the performance.

The Tulsa natives were also on hand to discuss their new craft beer “MMMHops” and actually gave a discussion at the Festival Center in Epcot as well. The fans were able to get a glimpse of the beer making process and learned more about what inspired Isaac, Taylor, and Zac to create their own ale too.

Sadly, the trio was forced to cancel a show yesterday due to the unpredictable Florida weather. The event organizers spotted lightning and deemed the stage to be unsafe for the performers. The unlucky fans were forced to wait for the next show, which took place at 6:45p.m. last night.

Aside from performing at the Epcot Food Festival, Hanson will also be taking part in the “Fever and Flash” pop art exhibit at the Philbrook Downtown as well.

According to Tulsa World, the exhibit explores the pop art of the 1970s and includes the work of artists such as Andy Warhol, Staul Steinberg, and Larry Rivers. However, the museum wanted an audio element to compliment the artists’ vibrant works.

So the curators reached out to musicians such as Hanson, Samantha Craine, and the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and asked them to create a playlist featuring their favorite bands from that era.

Hanson’s playlist was the first one to be featured at “Fever and Flash” and included songs from the Bee Gees, Three Dog Night, Queen, and the Jackson Five as well. The curators note that the playlists will change every other week, so if there’s a band that you want to here, make sure that you go ASAP!

However, the exhibit itself will be open until March and guests at the Philbrook Downtown are invited to bring their own headphones to “Fever and Flash” so that they can immerse themselves in the music of the 1970s.

For the Hanson fans who don’t live in Tulsa or were unable to visit the exhibit in time to hear their playlist for “Fever and Flash,” you can listen to their song choices here.

Keep checking back with Fashion&Style for the latest Hanson news and updates!

Read more:

Hanson debuts Mmmhops beer at Epcot Food & Wine Festival


  • Fans record on Hanson's Mmmhops seminar at Epcot.
  • Hanson at a meet n' greet at Epcot's Festival Center.

Hanson were called the “Princes of the Pop World” in the late 1990s. Their pretty faces were on every Teen Beat, Sugar and Bop magazines.

Their latest undertaking, their very own beer called — what else? —Mmmhops.

The pop rock trio of brothers — now all married with children — debuted their brew at this year’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival at Walt Disney World.

This year marks Hanson’s fifth year performing at Epcot’s Eat to the Beat Concert Series. We caught up with the boys — er, men — following a pale ale seminar for die-hard fans.

ALLISON WALKER: So you’re debuting what I hear is a full-bodied pale ale?

ZAC HANSON: Pale ale, yea. This is the first time in Florida that our beer has been here. We’ve been working on this for awhile. It’s been in Oklahoma for a little bit. But now, it’s finally made it down to the proper place to have a good beer in the hot sun.

TAYLOR HANSON: Last year, we launched the beer company. We’re from the Midwest, so we launched it in Oklahoma and some surrounding states. But with this festival, we thought, Hey, this is a perfect collaboration. Not only can we be here performing shows, but we can share our craft beer.

AW: Like when celebrities concoct their own perfumes, there’s a trial & error process. For you, this trial & error process must have been the best thing ever.

ISAAC HANSON: [Laughing] It’s a good trial & error processs. It was very difficult for me to do, but I tried lots of different beer flavors.

TAYLOR: It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

ZAC: We just do things we’re passionate about and I think sharing that is just a huge part of the whole culture of our band.

AW: So I want to know about stuff we can look forward to this fall. Tell me about your book ICON. You’re releasing new music with it, too?

ZAC: We do have a book that’s coming out. It’s called ICON. You can get it on our website, and new music with it. That’s one of the other things with our band – beer is a creative outlet. We [also] do arts – there was a bunch of paintings created for our last album.

AW: And what’s up with “Super Digital Pants?” We’re getting more entries as well?

ALL: [Laughing]

TAYLOR: We’re between our regular albums. We’re not promoting a brand new record, but we have lots of different projects. So we have songs like – Super Digital Pants is a collection of digital songs for the website, obviously the beer, and then, you know, we’re here at the Festival.

AW: All three of you ended up marrying one of your fans. That gives all of us hope the next time we’re at some rock show.

ZAC: [Laughing] We’re all married. We all have kids, so that also makes being here at Disney Parks epic. We all met amazing women while on tour. I’ve heard it said that, most often, people meet their wives or husbands or significant others at work. We did while performing.

Check out a quick a cappella verse from one of their newer songs! The raw interview is in the VIDEO section up top.







If you cast your mind back about a week or so, you might remember that Harry Styles had the total and utter pleasure of having his picture taken standing about in knitwear in front of a really attractive white brick wall. Hanson were also there.

Still, having fanboyed until the cows came home (over Hanson, not the wall), the One Direction singer has apparently decided to step things up a notch and is now wearing his heart on his t-shirt in the form of this very attractive t-shirt.

If you have never experienced the joy of Hanson and thought this was a tribute tee to either ham or Han Solo, you a) need to reassess your priorities and then b) listen to Penny and Me right this second. It will change your life.

Clearly Harry’s life has also changed since physically embracing Zac and Taylor into his manly bosom and to reflect this, you may need to prepare yourself for the possibility he will be going part-time in 1D to follow his true passion running the Hanson fanclub. He just really wants to spread their message via the medium of badges and rubber wristbands.

Just kidding, but we’re pretty sure that about five minutes after putting on this tee, he put MMMBop on real loud and got Niall and Louis in long blonde wigs to help him devise some sort of dance routine.

We’ve all been there lads, but bagsy Harry gets to be Taylor.