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2015 Festival Alert: Tulsa’s Hop Jam Craft Beer & Music Festival Curated by Hanson Set for May 17



2015 Festival Alert: Tulsa's Hop Jam Craft Beer & Music Festival Curated by Hanson Set for May 17 - Find out when + who is playing<br />


Mmmbop! Make that “Mmmhop.”

The second edition of The Hop Jam Craft Beer and Music Festival is slated for Sunday May 17 in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District. The festival, which features a large scale all-ages, free live concert area, and a robust craft beer festival, are focused on elevating their offering in all aspects, from beer selection to music lineup, for the second annual event.

It was also launched by Hanson. Yes, the boy band!

Free music is good. Free, good music is better. Free, good, live music is the best.

In its first year, The Hop jam claimed record attendance for a craft beer festival in Oklahoma, bringing together more than 30,000 guests, making it the largest attended craft beer event in the state, with 13 brewers present from across Oklahoma.

“We were blown away by the response to the first Hop Jam, but there was a clear message from many guests – more beer!!  We’ve set out to make sure there is not only more beer but a little more of everything from music to food, and a fun environment for everyone that joins us,” said event co-founder Taylor Hanson.

Here’s who is showing up and strapping on instruments.

The Polyphonic Spree
Black Joe Lewis
Jamestown Revival
Horse Thief
The Awesome Music Opening Band Contest Winner

Here’s the brewers who are showing up for sippage.

Anthem Brewing
Battered Boar Brewing
Black Mesa Brewing
Choc Beer
Coop Ale Works
Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing
Elk Valley Brewing
Hanson Brothers Beer
Iron Monk Brewery
Marshall Brewing
Mustang Brewing
Prairie Artisan Ales
Roughtail Brewing
The Willows Family Ales

Abita Beer (Louisiana)
Big Sky Brewing (Montana)
Boulevard Brewing Co (Kansas)
Jester King Craft Brewery (Texas)
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales/Anchorage (Michigan)
Lagunitas (California)
Brewery Ommegang (New York)

Baird Beer (Japan)
Ben Middlemiss Brewing (New Zealand)
Ca l’Arenys (Guineu) (Spain)
Coniston Brewing (United Kingdom)
Dieu du Ciel (Canada)
Mahr’s Bräu (Germany)
Mikkeller (Denmark)
To ØL (Denmark)
Yeastie Boys (New Zealand)

For tickets and more info, visit

Drink responsibly and rock with Hanson and co.

—Amy Sciarretto


Moving food


Josh Lynch, The Dog House food truck;<br />
Michael Grogan, Food On The Move volunteer coordinator; Taylor Hanson, FOTM founder; and Katie Plohocky, R&G Family Grocers.

Josh Lynch, The Dog House food truck; Michael Grogan, Food On The Move volunteer coordinator; Taylor Hanson, FOTM founder; and Katie Plohocky, R&G Family Grocers.

Evan Taylor

Taylor Hanson is best known as one-third of a chart-topping band of brothers, but his latest project helps Tulsans experiencing hunger, health issues and poverty.

“Food On The Move is a true partnership of organizations committed to serving our community, with a vision for long-term impact in underserved areas of Tulsa,” Hanson said in a press release. 

Spearheaded by his Community Partners Fund, FOTM brings food trucks, groceries and health resources to food deserts — areas without close access to healthy groceries — offering a “pay as you can” model.

The next FOTM event is noon-2 p.m., May 21, at Tulsa Community College’s Northeast Campus, 3727 E. Apache St. Visit www.foodonthemoveok.comfor more information.

Food on the Move from TulsaPeople Magazine on Vimeo.

Taylor Hanson takes ‘Food on the Move’ around Tulsa


TULSA – It’s “Food on the Move” and it’s heading your way.

The mobile food initiative is driving towards Tulsa for the fourth event since August of last year.

It’s a way for people to find fresh produce and be able to just “pay what they can.”

“This is a mobile food partnership focused on helping to reach people who are hungry. Hungry families that you know live in diverse parts of the city, as well as change the conversations towards ending food deserts in Tulsa,” said Taylor Hanson.

Hanson says a “food desert” is a part of town where access to fresh veggies and groceries is limited.

He put together the mobile food events to include a mobile grocery store, food trucks and even live music.

The next “Food on the Move” event is scheduled for May 21.

#ManCrushMonday: Wale

Harpers Bazaar

There are three things stuck in Wale’s head right now: “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!, Hansen’s [sic] “MMMBop”, and Taylor Swift. “My iPod is pretty pathetic,” he tells me, laughing. “You go from Eazy-E to MMMBop in 60 seconds or less.” The rapper is full of surprises, like the one he recently dropped on the hip-hop world: a rap album featuring Jerry Seinfeld. On it, Seinfeld plays a swami of sorts to Wale, guiding the artist through his consciousness and setting the tone for each song. I don’t know why, but it works.

From Amanda Palmer To Wu-Tang: Seven Music Mavericks Cashing In Outside The Major Label World



The Mmmbopreneurs: Hanson

The Mmmbopreneurs: Hanson

The Web 1.0 Veterans: Hanson Though it’s been about two decades since the group’s trademark hit, Hanson has now been an indie act for the bulk of its career. The group founded its own label in 2004, and has since released five albums. “Unlike the labels,” says Taylor Hanson, “we know where the core fans are.” As such, the brothers have launched their own music festival (Hop Jam), their own beer (MmmHops) and they’ve played over 100 shows since the beginning of 2013 alone, grossing an average of $40,000 per concert. Major labels frequently take a 10-20% cut of profits these days, but not with Hanson. Says Isaac: “We have a really good 360 deal–with ourselves.”

8th edition of I Love the 90’s was again a hit


Great enthusiasm was also the former US teen sensation Hanson, you can safely describe as the One Direction nineties. In 1997 the three brothers Zac Taylor and Isaac Hanson scored a worldwide hit with the infectious ‘MMMBop’. The song was number one worldwide in over 27 countries, including Belgium. The successors’ Where’s The Love and I Will Come To You were also big hits. To ‘I Love the 90’s’ Hanson created a stunt and they brought their hits with the guidance of their own live band. Immediately also possess a good example of the exceptional talent that the brothers Hanson.

I love the 90’s: Eurosong 2014 candidates shine on stage


(article has been translated)

Another headliner were the Hanson brothers. Isaac, Taylor and Zac have since grown to adult men, but also worthy artists. The guests had namely by far one of the best performances of the evening. They played their own instruments, including a piano, drums and harmonica, and it resulted in the 90’s-event something of a full concert. The audience feasted in hits like ‘Mmmbop’, ‘Where’s the Love’ and ‘I will come to you’.

Ashley Davies: Lyrics make the most out of music


Sometimes, however, it’s best to ignore what’s being said. Radiohead make music so sublime it shouldn’t be listened to if you have any significant decisions to make that day but, heavens to Betsy, the lyrics are hokum sometimes. Other songs are written to make you dance and engage your funk than rather than your brain, so the daftness of the words is neither here nor there. Look up the words to the Bee Gees’ Staying Alive. Utter tosh. As for Duran Duran’s Rio – “Cherry ice-cream smile, I suppose it’s very nice.” You what, Simon? It makes you wonder which lyrics didn’t make the cut. Remember Mmmbop, the catchy 1990s song by those blond teenage boys Hanson? You probably never even heard the lyrics in the verses, but buried in that jaunty pre-pubescent voice are words that look like a young goth’s cry for help on social media.

Beer instead of music: The Hansons guest in BA

Radio Bamberg 

(article has been translated to English)

Beer instead of music: The Hansons guest in BA

With the hit MMMBop they have become known: The Hanson. But in the meantime, the three brothers have also discovered another profession for themselves: brewmaster. To share, were the guys in Bamberg in Mahrs Bräu guest. We were doing with the camera.

Who Is Taylor Hanson’s Celebrity Crush? (Plus: The Band Performs with Blues Traveler!)


In an MMMBop, they’re back with new music again! This time, Hanson have joined forces with a fellow got-their-start-in-the-’90s band, Blues Traveler, to debut a catchy new song called “Top of the World.”

Watch the video above to see the boys of Blues Traveler plus Isaac, Taylor andZac Hanson perform their new jam at the People NOW studio. Our favorite blond brothers, plus John Popper, plus a little harmonica? This will definitely save your Monday!

Plus, check out the video below to find out who Taylor’s celebrity crush is. Hint: She’s an older woman.