News Roundup…

A few news clips that mentioned Hanson around the internet in the past couple of days…   DailyMail In an interview with Rove & Sam, Justin Timberlake mentioned his childhood crush was Alyssa Milano. Radio hosts Rove and Sam also shared their childhood crushes. Surprisingly Sam, 23, revealed it was none other than Zac Hanson, […]

Subliminal messages in songs

The Dolphin There’s something about music that makes us forget about the crazy world around us. But we oftentimes get too caught up in the beat and flashy music videos that we forget to listen to the words. So here’s a list of songs that you’ve probably listened to but haven’treally listened to: “MmmBop” – […]

Livin’ on the edge: Music panel with Hanson ends on an Aerosmith note

Tulsa World Producer Mark Hudson (second from left), who co-wrote the Aerosmith song “Livin’ on the Edge,” borrowed a guitar and belted out the song with the help of Hanson. Hudson and the Hanson brothers were joined by engineer C.J. Eiriksson (right) during an “Inside the Album” panel at Cain’s Ballroom. JESSIE WARDARSKI/Tulsa World Cain’s […]

Celebrity Baby Names: Naming the newest Hanson!

Nameberry We’ve been lucky enough to share some wonderful blogs from celebrity mom/cool baby namer Natalie Hanson, focusing on her and husband Taylor‘s choices of the names Viggo and Wilhelmina.  And now we’re delighted to report that our Hansonconnection expands with the addition of Natalie‘s sister-in-law Kate, wife of  Zac, explaining here what’s behind their […]

Revealed: the nation’s favourite one-hit wonders

Newsletter Kevin Smith, spokesman for online market researchers OnePoll, which conducted the poll of 2,000 music fans, said: “It’s interesting to see that the most popular one-hit wonders were originally released before the 21st century. “In fact, the highest ranking post-Millennium track was released in the year 2000 and landed at number 12 in the […]