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Justin Timberlake, Andrew Keegan and More ’90s Heartthrobs Who Now Have Kids!

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Fast forward two decades, and chances are, your favorite ’90s heartthrob has a kid or two … or five!

From Justin Timberlake to 10 Things I Hate About You actor Andrew Keegan, the hotties that covered your walls have transformed into bona fide DILFs.

Taylor Hanson Kids
Getty Images/Instagram

Taylor Hanson

Everyone’s favorite Hanson brother has been busy since the ’90s! He has five kids — Wilhelmina, Penelope, River, Jordan [Ezra] and Viggo — with wife Natalie.

His brothers Isaac and Zac also have five [seven] kids between them.



I’ve personally little interest in brewing at the professional level, but that’s not to say I don’t have massive amounts of respect for those who do, in fact I usually look to professional brewers for inspiration on how or what to brew. It’s these very people who are responsible for driving innovation and creativity in the industry, which ultimately trickles down to all of us who enjoy drinking craft beer or even brewing our own. As someone who has benefited immensely from all of this, I was stoked to have the opportunity to meet a bunch of these rad brewers at one of the world’s largest craft beer events– the Great American Beer Festival (GABF).

Hanson Makes MMMBeer

What millennial doesn’t know where they were in 1996[sic] when they got their copy of Hanson’s Middle Of Nowhere including the chart topping hit, Mmmbop? It was early Christmas morning when 8 year-old me popped the CD in my boombox and spent the rest of the day rocking-out to the subtle tones of a song that continues to produce a strong sense of nostalgia for me. As an unashamed fan, I was surprised to discover this post-pubescent brotherly trio had developed a passion for crafting delicious beer, which culminated in the starting of their own Hanson Brothers Beer Company.


Mmmbrothers 4 life

I spent some time chatting with Zach[sic] Hanson, the youngest of the trio, who said he and his brothers are just as involved as anyone in their brewery, explaining they have a hand in every aspect of their beer from start to finish and derive just as much pleasure from figuring out the amount of chocolate to use in their delicious Stout as they do pouring samples for festival patrons. If you get a chance, definitely give Hanson Brothers beer a shot, and don’t be intimidated by the long line of former fan-girls, you’re who they really want to talk to!

Selfies with Zac Hanson are Everyone’s Favorite GABF Souvenir

Craft Beer 

The 2016 Great American Beer Festival featured thousands of impressive craft beers, but we guarantee the only thing that rivaled beer’s popularity were selfies with Zac Hanson.

Zac, now 30, is the youngest member of Hanson, the late-90s boy band brother trio responsible for “MMMBop.” He was at the festival representing Oklahoma’s Hanson Brothers Beer Company, which he started along with brothers Isaac and Taylor. (And yes, they have a beer named “MMMHops,” an admittedly brilliant name no matter how you feel about late-90s pop music.)

As much as we love beer — and we love, love craft beer — a celeb sighting at GABF ups the ante, and Zac was kind enough to pose for pretty much a zillion selfies with fans. These are some of our favorite.

When you wish your prom date looked this good

When your friends come for beer, but wait with you to meet Zac

When you’re so excited, you can only speak in hashtags

When dudes talk about dude stuff

When your cousin meets your teenage crush and you aren’t at GABF

When you have the guts to sing a Hanson song to Zac Hanson

When you see your 3rd grade crush and still can’t talk to him

When you know the name of the beer, but not which Hanson you’re talking a picture with

When a guy photo bombs you and you don’t even care because OMG you just got a picture with Zac Hanson

When you know all those games of MASH finally got it right!! #futurehusband

When meeting Zac is the #bestdayever

When you come for the beer, but stay for that Hanson smile

When you’re proud that the 2016 you held it together because a 1997 you would have lost your s**t

When you realize learning to play guitar finally pays off #starpower

When your love of #craftbeer lands you beside your favorite Hanson bro

When Zac likes you so much he Regrams your photos

When you don’t want to tell the big boss at the brewery you work at that Zac Hanson might be more handsome than him


How Young Singers Deal with Getting Old


12/14/97 PHOTOG: Bill O'Leary The Building Museum, NW DC Teen sensations 'Hanson', shot during a 45

Hanson, 1997. Photo: Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Justin Bieber was 16 and set to perform before 17,000 people at 2010’s New York State Fair when he caught a cold — an especially troubling turn of events given that testosterone was then ravaging his high register. “If Justin’s voice was a two-story house,” says Jan Smith, the Atlanta vocal coach who guided Bieber through the crisis, “he could get near where the top steps should’ve been, but they were missing.”

Bieber postponed that state-fair show and, according to Smith, received a steroid shot to guard against any further inflammation. A cracking voice wasn’t much of a problem. Even though his speaking voice had deepened, Bieber was still able to sing effectively in higher registers. Over time he maintained an appealing, chirpy timbre even as his singing voice seemed to drop, much like Michael Jackson did in his transition from Motown child to Off the Wall man. (“The color of the voices change, so they sound lower,” Smith explains about these singers’ abilities to weather puberty’s changes, “but from a pitch perspective, they’re not.”) If only every star could manage puberty quite so seamlessly. Frankie Lymon, the 13-year-old soprano behind 1956’s “Why Do Fools Fall in Love,” saw his life and career bottom out after his voice dropped; he died of a heroin overdose at 25. Cody Simpson, the Australian teen who has opened for Bieber, developed a deeper voice and watched his fan base shift. A changed voice is also a problem for the star’s backing musicians. “When the singer says, ‘We have to adjust the key,’ every instrument and backing singer has to change keys, too,” says Dave Stroud, a vocal coach who has worked with Simpson, Bieber, and One Direction.

All teen singers, not just boys, undergo the Change: “Girls go through it, too, but not as dramatically,” Stroud says. Unlike poor Lymon, today’s pubescent pop stars can use Auto-Tune and other forms of electronic pitch correction. That goes for onstage, too. The state of the music business dictates that stars make their big money on the road, so in-concert pitch correction is crucial, despite many singers’ reluctance. (Stroud calls it “the least favorite tool, because it’s the least authentic.”)

Even in the pre–Pro Tools era, producers used studio trickery to mask maturing voices. Taylor Hanson had sung an early version of Hanson’s 1997 smash “MMMBop” in a bright, exciting key, but the then-14-year-old’s voice cracked while rerecording the song for the band’s major-label debut. After many failed takes, producers slowed down the recording tape, then sped it up later to raise his pitch. “That high voice was going away,” says Steve Greenberg, the music executive who discovered the band. “Taylor never sang it in that key again.”

*This article appears in the October 3, 2016, issue of New York Magazine.

News Roundup: Christmas Edition

As you probably know, Hanson is currently in the studio with Mark Hudson working on their 2nd Christmas album with the working title “Wintery Mix”.  It will not be released until next year as part of the celebration of Snowed In turning 20 years old.

Several news outlets have picked up on the story that Hanson is working on the album and links to those articles can be found here:

Mmm Bop! Hanson will be releasing a Christmas album – Digital Spy 

Hanson is releasing a new Christmas album and we are so ready for it – Yahoo Style

Hanson working on a new Christmas album – Fox 23 

Hanson is working on a brand new Christmas album – Brit + Co

And 13 Christmas Songs That Only ’90s Kids Love features a song from Snowed In at #4 on their list:

4. Hanson — “Everybody Knows The Claus”

From Snowed In, an album which my family probably remembers as torturing them with incessantly repeated plays throughout the Christmas of ’97, Hanson’s “Everybody Knows The Claus” feels like a song that you already knew long before they sang it, except it’s actually one of their own original compositions, which is pretty impressive. Listen back and relive that massive crush you once held for Taylor Hanson.


HNET Newsletter Sep 30, 2016


It’s official, this week we brought the team back together to start work on the long-awaited follow up Christmas album to be released in 2017. Here’s a snap with our old friend and production partner, Mark Hudson, in the throes of Musical Christmas creation!


Christmas is coming early in 2016 because we are working on a follow up to our 1998 Christmas album, Snowed In.  For us that means decorations, sleigh bells, and trying to find a freshly fallen fir tree in September (not an easy task).  Many fans have been telling us for years we need to do another holiday album; it just took us a while to whittle the track list down to something manageable. 18 years to be exact.  We will not be releasing this new album until 2017, but once recording starts I am sure and social media will come along for the ride even if Jack Frost is not scheduled to arrive for a few months.

We are now less than two weeks from the release of Play.  It has been along time coming since we announced and began recording it during HANSON Day.  For all the fans that were in attendance, I hope you are able to pick out your voices on each song.  Having so many voices on the EP makes more than a cool story – it helped to create a beautiful sound that no amount of multi tracking our voices could replicate.  We are really proud of what we created with your help.

Don’t miss tonight’s members stream.  It starts at 6PM CT and we will be sharing footage of us working on Feeling Alive.  The stream will loop all weekend so everyone will have a chance to tune in and see how we make records.

Congratulations to ttegarden, you are the third and final winner in our Vinyl contest.  We hope you enjoy these special records as much as we have enjoyed making them. Taking the Loudand Play EPs and putting them both on a Vinyl was always how we envisioned this music.  Loudand Play become side A and B respectively, like the faces of a coin, joined at the seams, both contrasting and complimenting at the same time.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


The 2016 Ornaments began shipping this week. Visit the store to see both of the designs selected by members.


Fan Club Exclusive: Fan Club members, don’t forget to join us tonight at 6pm CT for the fourth of five weekly streams on The Making of Play. The stream will loop all weekend.


Fan Club Exclusive: Thank you to all Fan Club members who participated in our Vinyl Contest.

Week #1 winner: EODXavier
Week #2 winner: fernandafefe
Congratulations to our week #3 winner: ttegarden

Hanson working on new Christmas album, EP coming soon

Tulsa World 


Taylor, Isaac and Zac Hanson pose for a photo in their downtown Tulsa studio on May 16, 2016. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World file

It’s been a busy few months in Hanson’s downtown Tulsa studio.

The band has been busy working to release their latest EP, “Play,” which will be released at on Oct. 10. And last week, the band announced in a blog they were working on a new Christmas album. It will be their first since 1997’s “Snowed In” Christmas album.

“We are now up to our ears in music preparation and pre-production for a new Christmas album,” the brothers posted on their website. They added that it was strange to be working with so much Christmas music in late September, when high temperatures in “the sometimes spirit-crushing sunburn factory we inhabit here” were still in the 80s and 90s.

The song list now sits at 20, and that includes original holiday tracks. The title right now for the new album is “Wintery Mix.” A planned release date was not yet announced.

Hanson has been active on their website this summer, giving fans a sneak peek at the work behind their latest album, “Play.” It’s the first wide-release (not including fan club releases) since “Anthem” in 2013.

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of their breakout hit album “Middle of Nowhere,” and Hanson plans to mark the occasion with a world tour, new music and more beer from Hanson Brothers Brewing.

More information about the new music is at

Development authority apparently giving Hanson group low-interest loan for Brady District development

Tulsa World

HOP JAM (copy)

The Hanson brothers, Taylor, Zac and Isaac, apparently are involved in the redevelopment of a Brady Arts District building, proposed to include a brewery, studio, retail and office space, according to Tulsa Development Authority documents. Tulsa World file

The Hanson brothers are apparently involved in the redevelopment of a Brady Arts District building, proposed to include a brewery, studio, retail and office space, according to Tulsa Development Authority documents.

The deal involves multiple privacy stipulations, binding the authority from immediately sharing details of the project despite the use of public funds, according to documents on the authority’s website.

In a redevelopment agreement, the TDA agreed in August to give a low-interest $2 million loan to Mayfield LLC, the listed developer, to go toward purchase of the LA King building property, 320 N. Boston Ave.

A resolution approving the agreement was signed Aug. 4, according to TDA documents.

O.C. Walker, executive director of the TDA, said the development agreement is with Mayfield LLC.

“In essence, what we’re talking about doing is a $2 million loan over six years with 2.5 percent interest,” Walker said. “It’s a really low-interest loan to facilitate development.”

Walker said the details of the project came out of proposals previously heard by the authority, but he directed further questions to Walker Hanson, father of the trio of musical brothers.

The redevelopment agreement stipulates that Walker Hanson is the contact for any inquiries regarding the development.

The group put out a statement in response to questions about the development Thursday.

“We have always been invested in Tulsa, and it continues to be our goal to bring attention and commerce to the city,” the statement says. “We’re excited to further our development efforts. Next year is Hanson’s 25th anniversary, and we look forward to a world tour, releasing new music, and the continued expansion of our beer business.”

Walker Hanson did not return requests for comment, and a person who answered the phone at his provided number said he had no further comment.

An unsigned redevelopment agreement available on the TDA website, apparently the document referenced in an approved August resolution adopting the agreement, has several privacy clauses.

According to the agreement document, TDA is barred from disclosing any information from the developer’s proposal to third parties.

“TDA shall … not disclose any such information to any third party without developer’s prior written consent,” according to the document. “In the event the TDA becomes legally compelled … pursuant to the requirements of the Oklahoma Open Records Act … TDA agrees that prior to such disclosure it will provide the developer with advance written notice and a copy of the documents and information relevant to such legal action so that the developer may seek a protective order … to protect its interests.”

The redevelopment agreement, attached to the approved resolution, references the proposal “presented by the developer to the TDA on March 10, 2016 and March 24, 2016.”

Walker declined to discuss when the proposals were made, offering that the project has “been on several agendas. There’s a good chance it will be on the Oct. 6 agenda,” the date of the group’s next monthly meeting.

However, neither the city’s website nor the development authority’s website lists agendas or minutes for March 10 or March 24.

Walker did not respond to follow-up calls or an email Wednesday afternoon requesting information about the nature of the referenced proposal meetings or whether a quorum of authority members was present. Without a properly posted agenda, a quorum of a board, commission or authority, such as the Tulsa Development Authority, cannot legally meet to discuss public business under the Oklahoma Open Meetings Act.

Hanson set to release Christmas album titled, “Wintery Mix”


TULSA, Okla., Sept. 28 (UPI) — Hanson announced they will be releasing a Christmas album titled Wintery Mix, their first holiday record since 1997’s Snowed In.

“We are now up to our ears in music preparation and pre-production for a new Christmas album,” the band said in a recent newsletter.

“We have already whittled the potential track list down to 20 songs (when you include original songs) and we still have a lot of hard decisions to make, but it will all be worth it when this Wintery Mix is finished,” Hanson said.

The album is expected to be released in 2017, which is also the band’s 25th anniversary.

Hanson is also working on finishing their upcoming EP Play, which is set to release on Oct. 10.

What Amy Conway of Martha Stewart Weddings Does in Her Downtime

min online

Amy Conway was named editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Weddings in January of this year after serving as an editor-at-large for Martha Stewart Living. Her new position has her traveling a lot on business—often spending almost as much time at airports as she does on the ground. She also attends more than her fair share of weddings, and still gets emotional when she hears the vows.

The St. Louis native, who’s now based in Pelham, New York, has two teenagers at home, son Luca, 15 (pictured with Conway at Maine’s Acadia National Park this summer) and Virginia,13. The family also has two cats and one pug. “Funnily enough,” she says, “the pug’s name is Minerva, or Min for short.” (We just may have to adopt her as our brand’s mascot!) Now that Conway’s free time is at a premium, here’s how she spends it wisely—and how you can spend your money smartly when planning a wedding or honeymoon.

Song that gets you moving:  My favorite workout mix is, uh, quite eclectic and includes these gems (don’t judge me):
“Mr. Brightside” by the Killers; “MMMBop” by Hanson; “It’s a Beautiful Day” by Michael Bublé; and the theme song from “Footloose.”