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‘MMMBop,’ ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ and more of the best nonsense song titles


Some of the best pop songs feature lots of “yeahs,” “la la las” and “oohs” to make them extra catchy and easy to sing along to, but some songs take the opposite route and use titles and choruses made up of confusing nonsense words.

The folks at put together a pretty comprehensive top 10 list of some of the best songs with nonsense titles, including Hanson’s “MMMBop,” “Blue (Da Be Dee)” from Eiffel 65 and “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” by The Police.

Most all of the songs were hits, which means sometimes we don’t have to understand a song to enjoy listening to it.

A Los Angeles art museum is turning classic works into memes and sharing them on Snapchat for youngsters to view

The Independent 

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What do you see when you look at Three Young Musicians, a group portrait by the French artist Antoine Le Nain in 1630? Are you struck by the rich colours, the fine brushwork – or by the fact that the three men might be a 17th-century version of Hanson, the sibling pop group from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who recorded “MMMBop”, one of the most annoying hits of the 1990s?

For Lucy Redoglia, the social media manager at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Lacma), the Hanson comparison trumped any considerations of the picture’s artistic merits. She attached the words “Mmbop, ba duba dop” – an approximation of the song’s lyric – to a photograph of the painting and distributed it on Snapchat, a social media platform whose average user is aged 18. The resulting meme was viewed more than 60,000 times on Snapchat and shared extensively on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Referencing Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ 1997 single hit; and the 2004 film ‘Mean Girls’

Referencing Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ 1997 single hit; and the 2004 film ‘Mean Girls’ (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

DigiFest brings social media’s hottest stars to Cleveland


The fest features onstage performances as well as meet and greet sessions where fans can come into contact with the social media icons they’ve interacted with online. Rojas says the goal is to give each fan a “Best day of my life” experience.

“People of my generation grew up in a time where you’d listen to a song on the radio see a billboard add,” says Rojas. “But I had no expectation, as a teenage girl that liked Hanson, that I would get a message from them.”

“These social media stars are very interactive. You’re constantly a part of the process, which is the key to understanding why Jack & Jack or any of these massively popular Vine or YouTubers exist. They invite that two-way dialogue.”

#ThrowbackThursday: “MMMBop” by Hanson


"MMMBop" was the lead single off of the major label debut album of Hanson.

Adam Young, who is the mastermind behind Owl City, was making the media rounds this week to promote the release of Owl City’s new album Mobile Orchestra. The new project is the fifth studio album released under the Owl City name, and the third single “Unbelievable” features none other then the late 1990s pop act Hanson. The two acts got together and made a joint appearance on NBC’s Today to perform the new song and promote the album.

This is the second high profile collaboration by Hanson that has landed them on Today. They had previously worked with Blues Traveler and performed their collabo “Top of the World” with John Popper and company on the morning show back in April. While it is neat to see the Hanson brothers –– made up of Isaac, Taylor and Zac –– return to the musical mainstream in the past few months, the trio will forever be remembered most prominently for their breakthrough single “MMMBop”. So this week we take a moment to remember the song that skyrocketed the brothers to pop stardom.

Hanson released “MMMBop” in 1997, as the lead single to the band’s major label debut album Middle of Nowhere. The song was written by the Isaac, Taylor and Zac, and produced by The Dust Brothers who produced records for Beck and the Beastie Boys, as well as the soundtrack for the movie Fight Club. While “MMMBop” was the lead single for their major label debut, it had previously been recorded by the band for their second independent demo album in 1996, appropriately titled MMMBop. A major difference between the two versions of the song is that the 1996 version of “MMMBop” has a slower tempo than the 1997 version we all came to know so well. The faster tempo on the Dust Brothers reworked version of the song made it sound much more pop friendly and catchy, which certainly paid off.

Shortly after its release “MMMBop” became a huge pop hit, catapulting Hanson into the spotlight. The single would top the charts in 27 countries, including of course here in the U.S. ”MMMBop” was played seemingly endlessly on radio and music television, which eventually backfired on the three brothers. The song had ultimately become so overplayed, it eventually became somewhat of a musical pariah. It eventually became the butt of jokes, even landing Hanson in a funny skit about the song on Saturday Night Live with Will Ferrell and Helen Hunt.

So with Hanson appearing on Owl City’s latest single “Unbelievable” off the new record Mobile Orchestra,  we take a moment to look back at Hanson’s 1997 breakthrough single “MMMBop”.



“Mmm Bop”

From: Middle Of Nowhere”

Mercury Records

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Owl City Featuring Hanson
From: Mobil Orchestra 
Republic Records
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5 Reasons – Hanson Plots Fall Tour

Artist Direct

Those “Mmmbop” singers are touring!

Hanson, the trio of brothers who make amazing pop songs, are back on tour this fall.

Here are five reasons this 10-city, two-night North American trek has earned instant “can’t miss” status.

It’s all about beers and the ‘bop.

1. Hanson have gone two years (too long) without a North American tour.

2. The tour will also mark the launch of the band’s craft beer, Mmmhops Pale Ale, in new markets across the country!

3. Expect the unexpected.”This tour is all about celebrating our musical journey, starting with a night of cover songs that have inspired us, followed by a night of rare tunes and fan favorites. Each night will be a totally unique experience,” said Isaac Hanson.

4. In addition to the two special concerts, at each tour stop the band’s Hanson Brothers Beer will be presenting an after-party, which will feature a special DJ set from Taylor Hanson and showcase Mmmhops Pale Ale in select cities. This fall will mark the first time the award-winning beer has been available in many of the tour markets! “This is a special tour so we felt it deserved a special party, plus we are thrilled to be able to share our Mmmhops Pale Ale with a lot of our fans for the first time,” said Taylor Hanson. Amen to that. Boppin’ and beers? Raise a glass to that.

5. As if that weren’t enough, the band will also continue its Take The Walk Campaign, which fights extreme poverty in Africa through one-mile barefoot walk events and grassroots fundraising. Walks are lead by the band, and will be held before concerts in each city on the tour! Aces!

Hanson 2015 Tour Dates:

Wed 7 & Thu 8 – Chicago IL – House Of Blues
Sat 10 & Sun 11 – Toronto ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre
Tue 13 & Wed 14 – Cleveland OH – House Of Blues
Fri 16 & Sat 17 – New York NY – Irving Plaza
Mon 19 & Tue 20 – Atlanta GA – Center Stage
Thu 22 & Fri 23 – New Orleans LA – House Of Blues
Sat 24 & Sun 25 – Dallas TX – House Of Blues
Thu 29 & Fri 30 – Portland OR – Hawthorne Theatre

Sun 1 & Mon 2 – Los Angeles CA – Fonda Theatre
Tue 3 & Wed 4 – San Francisco CA – The Fillmore


Hanson 2015 Tour Dates

We know you might still look at the Bros. Hanson as teen sensations, but they are adults now. With lots of kids among them. And they can drink beer. And they still make amazingly saccharine and unforgettable pop tunes. Love them. Mean it.

Bonus, Hanson and Owl City performed on NBC’s Today Show and you can watch their pairing on “Unbelievable,” which is from Owl City’s new collaboration album, Mobile Orchestra.

Good times ahead this fall with Hanson.


Hanson to perform with Owl City this morning on ‘Today’ show


Hanson. Photo provided

Hanson. Photo provided

Owl City. Photo provided

Owl City. Photo provided

Tulsa brother band Hanson will perform with Owl City this morning on the “Today” show, which airs from 7 to 11 a.m. weekdays on NBC.

As previously reported, Hanson lends its poppy skills to Owl City’s new single “Unbelievable” and get animated in the song’s video (embedded below).

“Unbelievable” is from Owl City’s fifth studio album, “Mobile Orchestra,” which was released Friday, the first new standard global music industry release day, via Republic Records.

Disney’s Rockin’ Burger Block Party

Disney Food Blog

We even got a glimpse of a couple of those bites for the big burger bash… the Oklahoma BBQ Beef Slider with Mmmhops Pale Ale Onion Fries and Smoked Bologna Baked Beans and the South African Vegetarian Bunny Chow Slider.

Come get your burger on! This new event combines food, drink, and music to highlight the best of all three. You’ll dance the evening away as you dine on specialty burgers and take in some the best music of the century. All of the burgers are inspired by recording artists who have left their mark on the beverage world. Enjoy drinks affiliated by these artists and a DJ spins their best tracks. Find your favorite burger, drink, and music, and vote on the best burger of the night!

Where: World ShowPlace Events Pavilion
When: September 25, October 8*, November 6, 7:00-9:00PM
Price $99, $119, $199

Nosh Pit Seating: $199 per person, plus tax, gratuity included. Epcot admission required. Check in at Nosh Pit Check in podium. VIP Experience includes private reserved table, entrance into event at 6:45PM, specialty cocktail toast, premium bar, and more. Space is limited.

Reserved Seating: $119 per person, plus tax, gratuity included. Epcot admission required. Check in at Reserved Seating Check in podium. Includes reserved table on main floor, entrance into event at 6:45PM, and specialty cocktail toast. Space is limited.

Rockin’ Burger Block Party: $99 per person, plus tax, gratuity included. Epcot admission required. Check in at WorldShow Place Events pavilion. Limited seating.

*Talent from the ABC show The Chew will be in attendance this one evening

Beef Slider to be featured at Burger Block Party



A round up of some articles and photos from last weekend’s show!

Blues Traveler has been playing at Red Rocks for over twenty years. This year’s show featured openers Hanson and 3OH!3. All photos by Scott Lentz.

w/Guster, Hanson. and special guest Rome, 3OH!3, JC Chasez.
@ Red Rocks – Morrison, Co
by Miles Chrisinger | 7.4.15




Members of NSYNC, Hanson, Guster Join Blues Traveler on July 4th


Blues Traveler teamed up with a very 1990s assortment of guests for their annual July 4th show at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. First up was Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome, who came out early in the set for “Castaway” and “Vagabond Blues,” the two songs that he played on from Blues Traveler’s latest album Blow Up the Moon. Ramirez then returned for a cover of Sublime’s classic “What I Got” later in the set.

The night’s other guests, Colorado electronic music duo 3OH!3 and NSYNC’s JC Chasez, helped out on their Blues Traveler collaborations “Blow Up The Moon” and “Hurricane” before coming back to the stage with Hanson and Guster for encore takes on Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” and NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.”

Blues Traveler frontman John Popper also made a couple of appearances during the opening sets from Guster and Hanson. The singer/harmonica wizard joined Guster for the Ganging Up on the Son tune “Satellite,” and he sat in with Hanson for “In The City,” his collaboration from the trio’s 2000 record This Time Around.

Here’s a look at Saturday’s setlist via

Things Are Looking Up
Dropping Some NYC
But Anyway
Castaway (with Rome)
Vagabond Blues (with Rome)
Top of the World
What I Got (Sublime cover) (with Rome)
Slow Change / The Star Spangled Banner
Cara Let the Moon
Carolina Blues
Hurricane (with 3OH!3 and JC Chasez)
Blow Up The Moon (with 3OH!3 and JC Chasez)
The Devil Went Down to Georgia (The Charlie Daniels Band cover)

The Mountains Win Again
The Joker (Steve Miller Band cover) (with 3OH!3 and JC Chasez and Hanson)
Bye Bye Bye (*NSYNC cover) (with 3OH!3 and JC Chasez and Hanson)

Blues Traveler at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Fourth of July (photos, review)

Hey Reverb

Returning for its 21st July 4 show at Red Rocks, Blues Traveler certainly showed some signs of age on Saturday. Gone are the marathon two-set performances that defined the band’s Red Rocks’ runs in the mid-’90s. Popper’s voice, abused by years of smoking, probably couldn’t handle two 90-minute sets anymore — in fact, Popper’s voice gave out late in the band’s 110-minute set Saturday.

Those aren’t the only changes. Blues Traveler used to jam a lot more back in its early days, and many people probably forget that the H.O.R.D.E. tour, organized by Popper, had a lot to do with breaking Phish and Widespread Panic to national audiences.

While jamming was mostly absent, Saturday’s set had plenty of highlights. The segue from “Dropping Some NYC” into “Crash Burn” sounded very tight. “But Anyway” had a loose, slightly jammy intro before Popper’s famous harmonic riff launched its first hit.

Blues Traveler released a new CD earlier this year, “Blow Up the Moon.” Unlike 2012, when the band played its then-new CD “Suzie Cracks the Whip” in track order (and fell flat), Saturday’s show was mostly light on new songs. The compilation includes numerous guest appearances, and several of those performers joined the band Saturday, including opening act Hanson.

First up was Sublime with Rome guitarist Rome Ramirez, who added vocals and guitar on an excellent “Vagabond Blues.” After keyboardist Ben Wilson stepped to the front with a quick solo on a keytar, the members of Hanson joined the band for the upbeat “Top of the World.” Ramirez returned to the stage to add vocals on a cover of the Sublime hit “What I Got.”

Traveler returned to the vault for a performance of “Slow Change” from its first album. A quick harmonica-feedback jam led into Popper’s rendition of the Jimi Hendrix cover of “The Star Spangled Banner” before rocketing back into the close of “Slow Change.”

The energy the band had built was abruptly sucked back out with “Cara Let the Moon,” a piano-only ballad from “Suzie Cracks the Whip” that many in the audience didn’t seem to know what to make of. However, guitarist Chan Kinchla then launched into a feedback-heavy solo that led into “Carolina Blues.” While the band riffed on that song, fireworks could be seen close by, and many in the crowd moved to a higher spot to get a better vantage.

JC Chasez of NSYNC and Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte of Colorado-based3OH!3 then guested on a couple of songs from “Blow Up the Moon,” including the title track. Foreman actually went out into the crowd and started high-fiving audience members while singing, something Popper, whose voice had gotten very hoarse and was cracking even while talking between songs, seemed happy to let someone else do. In fact, Popper joked about having a singer of Chasez’s caliber on stage and how it made him look in comparison.

After a first encore of “The Mountains Win Again,” which Popper said was “for and by Mr. ‘Brooklyn’ Bob Sheehan,” the band’s original bass player who died in 1999, all the guests returned for a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker.” Popper once again passed on most of the vocal duties, preferring to let his lightning-quick harmonic riffs do the talking while Chasez, Foreman, Ramirez and Taylor Hanson handled most of the vocal duties.

Two openers got the crowd warmed up. First up was Hanson, which showed it aged well past its original bumble-gum pop hit “MmmBop,” melding excellent harmonies on “Penny & Me” and getting Popper out to jam on the closing “In the City.” Guster followed, and after a shaky start with “Long Night,” whose slow and moody pace put everyone back down in their seats, got the crowd going on “Barrel of a Gun.” Popper added some excellent harmonica fills and a solo on the hit “Satellite,” prompting singer Ryan Miller to say, “That’s like a Blues Traveler plug-in.”


Blues Traveler
Things Are Looking Up, Dropping Some NYC -> Crash Burn -> Dropping Some NYC, But Anyway, Castaway*, Vagabond Blues*, Run-Around, Top of the World^, What I Got*, Slow Change -> The Star Spangled Banner -> Slow Change, Cara Let the Moon, Carolina Blues, Hurricane#, Blow Up the Moon#, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Hook, E: The Mountains Win Again, The Joker*^# -> Bye Bye Bye*^#
* with Rome Ramirez of Sublime
^ with Hanson
# with JC Chasez of NSYNC and Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte of 3OH!3

Long Night, Careful, The Captain, Doin It By Myself, Barrel of a Gun, Hang On, Come Downstairs and Say Hello, Do You Love Me, One Man Wrecking Machine, Never Coming Down, Manifest Destiny, Simple Machine, Demons, Satellite^, This Could Be All Yours
^ with John Popper on harmonica

I’ve Got Soul, Where’s the Love, Waiting for This, Been There Before, Penny & Me, This Time Around, Get the Girl Back, And I Waited, Minute Without You, MmmBop, In the City^,
^ with John Popper on harmonica

Description of . Blues Traveler with Hanson at Red Rocks, July 4, 2015. Photo by Candace Horgan,