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One Direction kicked it a little old school at their show in St. Louis last night, covering Hanson‘s 1997 smash hit ‘MMMBop.’

Just the insanely catchy chorus was enough send fans into a frenzy, because as every dual One Direction-Hanson fan knows, the only thing better than the two bands existing separately is somehow fusing them together. And since it’s pretty unlikely that Hanson will cover 1D any time soon, this is the closest we’re gonna get.

While the guys kind of butchered the lyrics on the chorus, their falsetto vocals and sweet dance moves were more than enough to make up for it. Seriously, just check out the Instagram vid above.

This isn’t the first time that the boy band showed off their love for the ‘Get the Girl Back’ rockers — last year, Harry Styles and his pal Nick Grimshaw donned blonde wigs and imitated the band circa ’97, tweeting:

And it seems like he still thinks that he is.

Watch One Direction cover ‘MMMBop’ in the video above!

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Hanson Return to Toronto, Take Over CNE

640 Toronto

“We just smelled the lovely smells of smoked bacon,” says Taylor Hanson, who’s at Toronto’s CNE with brothers Isaac and Zac.

It was in 1997 when the trio first released their smash hit “Mmmbop.”

Fast-forward almost two decades later, and the band is still making music with the release of their sixth studio album “Anthem” – a compilation unlike something you’d expect from a 90’s “boy band.” It’s mature, clean and passionate.

And passion seems to be a key word.

With a focus on their label 3CG, their brewery, and “Take the Walk” – a grassroots campaign to support poverty and people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa, Hanson are managing to keep themselves very busy.

“We’ve done thousands of walks with thousands of different people around the world,” says Taylor. “[Take the Walk has] helped drill clean water wells, helped build schools, and helped provide medicine. … The thing about it is, the power of that connection. We have a lot of things we’re passionate about. There’s a lot of worthy causes, but the power of Take the Walk campaign is really the idea of experiencing with those that are there. Not just giving, but connecting.”

“It’s also about never asking people to do something you’re not willing to do yourself,” adds Isaac.

Besides passion for Take the Walk, the brothers have launched MMMHops, a pale ale. Reports had suggested it may be making it way to Canada, but for now, Canucks can order it online.

Talyor says they’re growing their brand and currently, it’s available in Oklahoma, Illinois and Kansas.

Photos: Hanson, The Seasons @ CNE

Aesthetic Magazine 

Photos by: Morgan Hotston – 

Oklahoma-based rock-pop trio Hanson, which consists of brothers Issac, Taylor, and Zac, who are best known for their 1997 hit song “MMMBop”, and who released their ninth album, Anthem, on June 18th, 2013 via 3CG, performed at the CNE in Toronto last night with Quebec City-based indie folk-pop band The Seasons, who released their latest album, Pulp, on April 8th, 2014.


New partnership program Food on the Move targets food deserts

Tulsa World 


Taylor Hanson DJ’s during the Food on the Move event at the TCC Northeast Campus on Tuesday. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

More than 400 people from various geographic and economic backgrounds gathered for lunch on the lawn outside the Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus on Tuesday for the inaugural Food on the Move.

The event is a collaboration of food and health experts and community partners working to mobilize good quality food into hard-to-reach economically challenged areas and help combat hunger.

“We are focusing on a deep set of challenges, which are not just hunger, but it comes back to the economy and comes back to the history of our city, and we want to help build a bridge that begins to change things in a unique way,” said Taylor Hanson, the local Grammy-nominated musician who worked to put the event together.

Food on the Move includes partners on the government, business and nonprofit level working together.

“The goal is to bring food to people who might be struggling while bringing together those who can and can’t pay,” said Eileen Bradshaw, executive director of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

“Some of the people are nonpaying customers; some are paying a suggested donation, and others are paying for their meal and someone else’s.”

Food trucks at the event included the Doghouse, T-Town Gourmet and the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma’s mobile eatery.

Everyone who showed up was given a red ticket — regardless of what, or if, they paid — that was redeemable for lunch.

“I think it’s an important way to bring awareness to the fact that we are all in the midst of those who may need help,” Bradshaw said.

The plan is to hold similar events in other areas across Tulsa that are considered to be food deserts — areas without access to fresh, healthy and affordable food, said Meghann Ray, spokeswoman for Iron Gate.

She said Iron Gate, a downtown soup kitchen that provides meals seven days a week, is one of the agencies partnering with Food on the Move because of the goal of getting food to people who need it the most.

“This is a way for us to get food out to people and reach other areas in the community,” she said. “We’re pretty proud to get involved with these other agencies that are trying to fight hunger in the community.”

The Real Good Food Truck mobile grocery store was at the event, as well as representatives from the Tulsa Health Department and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Jackie Randles, who lives at the nearby Apache Manor public housing complex, said she took her family to the event after receiving a flier.

“It’s awesome to get to meet people who care about the community a little more than what we are used to seeing,” she said.

Randles was particularly interested in the mobile grocery store, which makes stops at the campus twice a week.

“We don’t have transportation, and the fact that we can walk and get meat and vegetables and other options than what they have at the little store up the street is nice,” she said.

Taylor Swift Pays Tribute to Hanson With ‘Shake It Off’ Video [WATCH]

kfox 95

Sounds crazy, right? But it sure seems like Taylor’s brand new video for ‘Shake It Off’ was inspired by Hanson’s 2011 video for their song ‘Give A Little.’

And who could blame her? ‘Give A Little’ is also crazy catchy, upbeat, and loads of fun. But like, are we crazy? Don’t the two videos share a similar ‘look?’

Both TSwift’s & Hanson’s videos feature dancers against stark, empty backgrounds. Both feature some really sweet dance moves (or in Taylor’s case, not so sweet). There’s horn sections. There’s simple, forceful drums. Both songs are killer.

Even if you don’t agree and you think we’re crazy, at least we just gave you an excuse to watch Taylor’s new video again. It’s so good, you guys.

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The Weeklings

No one is cool all the time, and amen to that. As a label or a style, “cool” can be limiting, even uncomfortable. Think tight waistbands, pointy-toed shoes, and a leather jacket worn in the heat. Dorky, by contrast, is freedom. Dorky is transgressive, requiring and inspiring courage. You, dear reader, know this secret truth. And no matter your level of cool, you occasionally surrender, with pleasure, to dorky. Prepare to do so again.

A bit about the word: Dork is a term in flux. Originally slang for, you guessed it, a penis, it somehow (duh) turned into a euphemism for “an uncouth person.” But it has come up in the world (sorry). The adjective version, dorky, like its cousinly nouns nerd and geek, is no longer a straight-up insult; dorky now conveys a sense of post-Zuckerberg/Gates outlier pride. When I canvassed for this list, friends were surprisingly eager to share, relieved to reveal guilty pleasures, and grateful for the opportunity to unveil their dorkiness.

Of course, notions of “dorky” are subjective. To clarify, it does not mean “bad.” How about: obvious, exuberant, unfashionable, twee, un-self-conscious, irritating, even a little desperate? Yet charming. Dorky evokes vulnerability, which, interestingly, often manifests as hostility. But not today. Today, you are among friends, and internet-fostered shamelessness, for once, is a good thing.

My gauge: you are driving, Ipodless, CD-less, and you can only pick up one radio station; classic rock, oldies, easy listening, Top 40. A song comes on that, if you were in the presence of someone “cool, “ you would turn off.  Said person’s opinion matters to you, or you don’t want to upset them. But like I said, you’re alone. So you crank it, and sing along in secret. You embrace the dork. And it is good.

And speaking of singing along, please enjoy the corresponding Spotify playlist below.

3. MMMBop – Hanson

Like R.E.M., Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson freely admit the downside of this monster 1997 hit: it’s annoying, uncool, and, say it with me: dorky. (Yet, also like R.E.M., they accept, celebrate, and bask in its power.) Ever the good sports, the brothers appeared in an SNL sketch in which terrorists – Will Ferrell and Helen Hunt – force them to listen to the song’s repetitive, effervescent, singalong sunniness until Isaac and Zac go insane and Will Ferrell – coincidence? NO – succumbs and… dies.


A conversation with Hanson

3 News

(video at the source)
Yesterday, I got to sit down with two of the Hanson brothers – Isaac and Taylor.

Zac was resting his vocal chords.

This was their first visit to New Zealand and I was their first interview here. They were as I’d expected; Polite, genuine and happy to joke around.

Hanson are a fascinating case study, hitting it big with ‘MMMBop’ in the late ’90s, yet somehow managing to keep their heads screwed on.

There’s been no Bieber moment for these brothers. Yet.

“We might be more messed up than we seem!” jokes Taylor.

“I think we’re hiding it really well, we’re extraordinary narcissists, adds older brother Isaac.”

In this interview, we talk about the serious answer to this question – and a bunch of other topics, from their 10 albums, to Hanson’s remarkable fanbase.

Watch the full, uncut interview.

3 News

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Sharyn sings ‘MMMBop’ with Taylor from Hanson

The Edge

Mon-18-Aug-14 15:42

So Hanson came to NZ and Guy, Sharyn & Clint got to interview them BUT Sharyn also fulfilled her life long dream of singing ‘MMMBop’ with Taylor Hanson! Check it out now!

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Concert review: Hanson, The Powerstation

NZ Herald 

Hanson performing at The Powerstation in Auckland. Photo / Beka Hope Photography
Hanson performing at The Powerstation in Auckland. Photo / Beka Hope Photography

The year was 1997. A band of young brothers, with long golden locks, came on the scene with an incredible catchy tune that stole the hearts of girls around the world.

More than 20 years later Hanson are still making music and making girls swoon. And after decades of waiting, New Zealand fans finally got a taste of the band in the flesh as they performed the final show of their Anthem World Tour.

Swarms of ladies – and even a few dudes – in their late 20s turned up at Auckland’s Powerstation to see the trio. A grab-bag of those who had grown up with the band who were there purely for nostalgic value.

No matter their reason – hysterical screams from the crowd could be heard as soon as Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson stepped on stage.

Taylor Hanson performing at The Powerstation. Photo / Beka Hope Photography

“It took us a while to get here” lead singer Taylor Hanson declared, before launching into the grungy riffs of Fired Up, chased by the groove of I’ve Got Soul, both tracks from their latest album Anthem.

But it was their third songWhere’s The Love, from their first album Middle Of Nowhere, that made fans really come alive.

Making their way through a massive back catalogue of music, Hanson got the crowd singing and dancing to their feel-good pop-rock, taking a lot of people on a trip down memory lane.

Hanson have proved over the years that they’re not just some 90s boy band. They are three guys with a lot of music talent and after being a band who know how to put on a really fun live show. Hanson’s music was made to move to.

Isaac Hanson performing at The Powerstation. Photo / Beka Hope Photography

Part way through their set, after leaving the stage briefly, the three brothers returned to play an acoustic version of Madeline and Strong Enough To Break.

Hearing Hanson’s three-part harmonies over the stripped-down songs could really make a girl fall in love with them all over again.

Guitarist Isaac took a solo moment to switch to the piano and perform an audience choice of More Than Anything, before Taylor took over to play Crazy Beautiful.

Zac Hanson performing at The Powerstation. Photo / Beka Hope Photography

Throughout the night fans got what they were hoping for – Hanson’s greatest hits – but the band also threw in newer songs like Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ and Get the Girl Back, showing they’re just as good as they ever were.

But of course MMMbop was the song everyone was waiting to hear, and the audience yelled out each word louder than before.

Taylor Hanson performing at The Powerstation. Photo / Beka Hope Photography

The night ended with an encore of Lost Without Each Other - where Isaac slid to his knees to rip out a rocking guitar solo – and a cover of AC/DC’s It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll).

Both songs summing up beautifully Hanson’s relationship with their fans and the band’s own journey to keeping their music alive.

Hanson were tight, talented and fun. Hopefully it won’t take another two decades for them to return.

Where: The Powerstation, Auckland
When: Sunday, August 17

MmmBop by Jamie McDell ft. The Edge Nightshow

The Edge

To celebrate Jamie McDell opening for 90′s pop icons Hanson, The Nightshow sang their own version of Hanson’s “MmmBop”.

(video at the source)