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HNET Newsletter April 20, 2012


No Sleep For Banditos!

HANSON is pleased to announce the 2012 Fan Club Members EP is No Sleep For Bandtos. The EP includes 5 brand new songs recorded exclusively for Hanson.net Fan Club. Listen to clips of the unreleased songs at HNET.


  • Up All Night
  • Be My Own
  • No Sleep For Banditos
  • Heartbreaker
  • Chasing Down My Dreams

To receive yours, Join or renew Hanson.net today!


HANSON Goes Back To The Island

Rooms Now Available at Second Resort

We are so excited for the Back To The Island Concert Event in Jan 2013. The response has been so good that the rooms at the resort quickly sold out! Of course that makes us happy to know so many people want to join us, but we also know that there are many more who were not able to get a room. In an effort to make it possible for a few more amazing music fans (YOU) to join us we have managed to secure some additional rooms at a second resort just along the beach, so that more of you can go Back To The Island. Click here for the lowdown.

Not a Fan Club member yet? CLICK HERE to join!

Members Only Event in Tulsa!

As part of the annual Hanson Day celebration we will be hosting a members only concert on May 13th. All you need to attend is to be a current fan club member on Hanson.net and RSVP!

Schedule of Events

Concert Date: May 13, 2012
Concert Venue: Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa, OK 

For more details, CLICK HERE

Shout It Out World Tour

HANSON is pleased to announce a show in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Casino Nova Scotia on August 23, 2012. For details, CLICK HERE.

Fan Club Pre-sale April 24, 2012, 11am AST
Tickets on sale April 26, 2012

From The Band

We have been super busy working to get ready for Hanson Day, as well as continuing to plan out the whole year. When will we begin recording the next project? When will we do live streams? Starting at the Hanson Day MOE we plan to tell a little more about the year, as well as sharing all the new music from “No Sleep For Banditos”. It is an exciting time to be on the verge of so much. Lots of other things happening, New Hanson baby, Australian tour, Back To The Island Concert event, and many more things still in the works that we are not really talking about…like Beer. See all of you soon.

Isaac, Taylor & Zac

No going back for boy band done good Hanson

The Telegraph 

AFTER the teenagers had stopped screaming, Hanson kept going.

The band had laboured for five years before MMMbop made them 1997’s boy band du jour, so they weren’t about to put down their instruments for a different day job.

Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac faced the inevitable showdown with a label that wanted another album like the other one, Middle Of Nowhere, which sold more than 10 million copies, and they walked away.

For almost a decade, they have recorded and released their albums independently and seemingly maintained a successful career.

It probably helped that the Hansons could write and play.

“Ever since we started, of course we believe in having hit singles and albums but now it’s much more about building a career and an experience with the fans,” Taylor says.


Their story is hardly unique in the annals of the music business.

After Middle Of Nowhere‘s success, Hanson spent almost three years trying to write songs which sounded like MMMbop or I Will Come To You or Where’s The Love, with more than 80 potential tracks rejected by the label.

Hanson didn’t want to cast the accountants and lawyers who had taken over the business as villains, but enough was enough.

While other labels were interested in signing the band, the brothers knew the only way they would retain control, both creatively and financially, was to do it themselves.

“People thought we were nuts. Maybe we saw the shift coming, that the business would change dramatically and what it meant to be an independent band would be redefined,” Taylor says.

“Having had success, we were able to reinvest in ourselves. We didn’t buy Ferraris – we bought a studio and gear.”

Besides their radio-friendly pop-rock sound, Hanson had also proven to be savvy self-marketers, setting up a fan-friendly website.

So when they went their own way, they already had the tools with which to directly communicate with their fans.

“The evolution of pop culture has always focused on the connection with fans. We had a sense of the temperature of the water that the labels didn’t have,” Taylor says. “And having success when we were so young meant us and the fans grew up together.”

Now their audience reflects both the early adopters who have stayed loyal and the latecomers who recognise their talent courtesy of the power of YouTube. “Our audience is far more eclectic now than ever,” Taylor says.

“One factor, not to be mechanical about it, is that if you survive long enough, people will see the 20-year-old drummer, instead of the seven-year-old and take you a bit more seriously.

“They look at you and think, ‘That’s cool; I want to do that’, instead of ‘That’s my middle school girlfriend’s favourite band’. But hey, there’s still lots of young women at the gigs and

I always hope there will be!”He may not be so happy about the prospect of lightning striking twice for the Hanson family.

All three men have families of their own and Taylor says their children have inherited their love and talent for music.

“It’s scary. First of all, we won’t be letting them use the name – for their own protection!” he says, laughing when asked if there could be a Hanson 2.0.

“They will have to come up with their own name or they’ll never get out of the shadow.

“I can’t imagine someone (in the family) won’t want to write songs or be a musician because they see it as a positive thing.

“They rode around with us on the tour bus and have seen the world; who wouldn’t want that job?”

Hanson, Hi Fi Sydney, EQ, Lang Rd, Moore Park; September 15, $59, moshtix.com.au

Hanson 30 Day Challenge: Day 20

For the month of April, we will be doing a “Hanson 30 day Challenge” each morning we will post a topic and encourage you to leave a comment with your answer.  This should be a lot of fun and we are looking forward to seeing all the answers for each topic!

Song that you would like to play at your wedding (Or song that you did play at your wedding!)

My First Hanson Concert: Shout It Out Tour

Name: Edlyn Torrecampo

Which Tour: Shout It Out Tour

Date: March 31, 2012

City/State: Cebu City, Philippines

I went with: My deary

I expected the show to: Be awesome, excitement, lots of fun

I wainted in line for: 1 hour

My favorite thing they did was: Oh Darlin by Zac. Actually, all the songs, I really enjoy listening.

A funny thing that happened during the show was: After the show, Tay and Zac jumped and then Zac lay on the floor. That’s amazing. I really love it.

After the show we: Waited until the brothers left

The show did/did not meet my expectations because: The show did meet my expectations because they make me happy and I didn’t expect to see them live but it happened! I love you Hanson forever!

Anything else you would like to include: LONG LIVE HANSON! May God bless you and your family. Hope to see you again here in the Philippines.

Hanson: ‘This is who we are, this is what we do’



The reason why we wanted to play and sing for you before anything else,” declared keyboardist and middle brother Taylor at a press conference held at the EDSA Shangrila Hotel last March 29, “is because this (talking) isn’t what we do. Now this (making music) is what we do.”

Eight years since their last visit, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson from Tulsa, Oklahoma reconnected with their Filipino fans at two CD signing sessions and concerts held last week in Manila and Cebu. They played hits from their previous albums including music from their latest record, “Shout It Out”—songs eldest brother and guitarist Isaac describes as “natural, raw and very real, where you don’t hear a lot of artificial things”, proving how twenty years of making music together and nearly a decade of steering their own ship as an independent band have taken them from being mere “Mmmbop boys” to well-established and respected men of music.

Meeting Hanson was like getting together with three friends whom one shares a common drive with. They were very unassuming and throughout the two-hour press encounter, all three had a unique way of being both profound and goofy at the same time. Here’s the highlight of my conversation with the guys:

YOUNG STAR: Congratulations on the success of your work and on your longevity as a band. I’m an independent artist myself, and I know how much courage it takes to stick to your guns and stay true to yourself and to your art…

?Taylor: Best question yet! And, you haven’t even asked the question, sorry… (laughs)

This is obviously something you’re excited about. Tell us more about taking charge of your own career and what message can you give to other young creative people treading that path?

Zac: Every choice we made, forming our own label 3CG records in 2003, was to find a way to follow our original vision, our original inspiration as musicians and who we wanted to be. When our first global record came out in 1997, it was a completely different music business. By 2003, we looked around the room and saw all these other labels and none of them were doing the things that we think should be the future of the work we do. The music, plus the relationship between the artist and the fans—where the focus should be, wasn’t there. We realized we needed to do something different, not to change ourselves or to find a new way to be Hanson, but to go after our original intention and be able to be more creative with our work, without being afraid to challenge ourselves.

Taylor: Yes, but I think what she was asking was the point about… (apologizes) we like to talk, sorry! Specifically as far as making the choice, as an artist, you have to look forward and be willing to manage yourself. I think the more artists are willing to be unafraid to embrace the whole picture and have some guts, like what you said, “it takes courage”—once you step out there you’ll realize there’s a great new world.??Keep being who you are and keep doing what you’re doing then…

Isaac: We don’t know how to be anyone else or how to do anything else!

There’s more to Hanson than producing music and performing though. As Taylor explained, “We’re music nerds but there’s a lot of other things that we do, like activism…” The band has been involved in various projects that seek to alleviate poverty in Africa. The brothers are also into visual arts, photography and design. Isaac added, “We’re also husbands and fathers now” and apparently their kids are already starting to get into the rhythm of things, singing and playing a note or two now and then.

“Carpe diem, seize the day!” was Hanson’s shout out at their press conference held at the EDSA Shangrila Hotel

When quizzed how they’d respond if their children would suddenly come up and ask for their consent to form their own band, drummer Zac asserted, “The thing about being a musician and choosing this kind of life is, if you think you have to ask for permission from anyone before doing something, then you’re probably not somebody who should be doing it. When we were kids, we never asked our parents or anyone for approval to become who we are. We just did. And it’s important to believe and know you’re going to make it.”” ?

There’s a saying, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Follow your bliss, know what you love to do and go for it—we often hear people say this, but how many really go out there and actually get it done? We know Isaac, Taylor and Zac are among those people. Make sure you are too. Now, carpe diem! Go seize the day, do and become.