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Does Darren Criss Like Hanson?


Darren Criss loves Hanson. Like really, really loves them. Don’t believe us? Just ask! “I love Hanson. I love Hanson, I’ve always loved Hanson, big Hason fan,” he explained, in a quick behind-the-scenes interview on the set of Glee. So we should expect a tribute episode sometime in the near future? Having come of age during the arrival of “MMMBop,” “Where’s The Love” and “I Will Come To You,” we guess we shouldn’t really be surprised—owning your own copy ofMiddle of Nowhere was social currency in Middle School—yet Criss revealed he’s seen the trio live more times than any other artist (nine), and will defend his appreciation for them to the death (more or less):

And any time people make fun of Hanson I’m always like, “Well why don’t you make a better Motown record when you’re 11 and get back to me?” Because they’re like Motown soul and they were like kids like that was cool, that’s what Michael Jackson did.

Says the man with the great Sam Cooke cover. Some nice praise, and we know how he feels about the King of Pop. So that’s who was relentlessly voting for Isaac in our Great Boy Band Hair-Off!

Taylor Hanson Is Going to Be a Father of Five!

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Taylor Hanson Performs in Napa on April 9, 2011

Is Hanson planning on taking over the world?

Taylor Hanson, the middle brother of the Hanson trio, announced on April 18 that his wife, Natalie, is pregnant with their fifth child. Taylor, 29, and Natalie, 28, already have four kids — Viggo, River, Penelope, and Ezra, who range in age from 3 to 9.

“Natalie and I are so anxious to meet our fifth mini-Hanson,” Taylor gushed to People. “As are the four siblings at home who are counting the days to the arrival.”

The new baby will make nine between the three musically inclined brothers: Taylor’s older brother, Isaac, has two sons, and his younger brother, Zac, has a son and daughter. The family-friendly threesome is currently touring to promote their latest album, Shout It Out.

But we still think they have a secret agenda. “MMMbop” must be code for something devious…

Baby No. 5 on the Way for Taylor Hanson

People Celebrity Babies 

Hanson‘s latest release? Another baby for Taylor!

The musician, 29, who’s one-third of the band Hanson, and his wife Natalie, 28, are expecting their fifth child, their rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Natalie and I are so anxious to meet our fifth mini-Hanson,” Taylor tells PEOPLE. “As are the four siblings at home who are counting the days to the arrival.”

The new baby, who’s due in late 2012, will join elder siblings Ezra, 9½; Penelope, who turns 7 on Thursday; River, 5½; and Viggo, 3, along with Isaac and Zac Hanson‘s own four children.

The family friendly band is currently in the middle of an international tour to promote their album Shout It Out (which debuted at no. 2 on the Billboard Independent chart).

“After two kids, you’re outnumbered,” Hanson told PEOPLE in 2009. “So once you cross having three, having [more] is not such a big deal.” His children would agree. Added the singer: “I think it’s pretty much ‘the more the merrier’ for them at this point.”

– Rennie Dyball

Hanson 30 Day Challenge: Day 18

For the month of April, we will be doing a “Hanson 30 day Challenge” each morning we will post a topic and encourage you to leave a comment with your answer.  This should be a lot of fun and we are looking forward to seeing all the answers for each topic!

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